We must stop hypocrisy in government

R.C. Soles of NC, one of the biggest anti-gun senators in NC, shot an intruder coming into his home.

When will we realize that we must elect representatives that walk the talk? What a joke !


That guy is flat out nuts

Hypocritical, maybe. But definitely nuts. I suspect he has more than a few kindred spirits in the Legislature.

I am sure of it, James

He is a nutcase.

Do not get me wrong. I am a gun rights advocate (perhaps I will be dissuaded from that eventually also because of my association with BlueNC :). But, if a political leader suggests that gun ownership should be illegal, then he/she must think that there are alternatives to protecting yourself and your home. If that is so, then that is what they should be doing. It is a lot like many of the people in congress in D.C. that seem to want everyone except themselves to have/not have what they are given because of their position in government.

Most anti-gun Senator? Not even close

FT, you've been drinking the conservative kool-aid too much.

Senator Soles record on gun rights does not approach that of other senators.

This is a falsehood flat-out lie, spun by the Pope machine to pile on Soles in an attempt to influence a jury pool.

Soles voted for the castle doctrine not even a year ago.

Find the facts first hand for yourself, and don't depend on lazy reporters or Pope-puppets to feed you lies.


Pretty close, usernamehere

I did find out facts first hand, my friend. The biggest problem I had was finding any sites on any search engine that spoke to this incident that were not what could be called conservative-leaning. That in itself was troubling for me, to be honest.

I concede that Soles is not the MOST anti-gun but he is sure close. You have me there alright. Here are just a few sites I found. Trust me, if there were sites that said differenly, I'd say so HONEST !!



And, on edit, please lose the "conservative Kool-aid" thingy about me. You read my posts here. You know better.