We don't need no clean hands

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Dear Sen. Tillis,
Your comments regarding government regulations vis-a-vis voluntary hand washing in restaurants illustrates to me that your robotic ideological views lack any wisdom whatsoever. What you lack in curiosity and intelligence, however, is more than made up by the outsized arrogance.

Watch this video: http://www.dailykos.com


New regulations!

There are currently no regulations requiring people to post signs saying their hands are full of crap, so this is, in effect, a new regulation ... an unfunded mandate from a moron.

And by the way, Mr. T. Isn't this a matter for states - not the federal government - to decide?

Some people should keep their freaking mouths shut.


Now in the Urban Dictionary

Abstaining from washing one's hands after using the restroom and instead depending on your values to keep one's food from being contaminated or one's hands from being covered in shit.
"Whoa, man-why didn't you wash your hands after you took a dump? Don't you know you could have fecal matter all over your nasty ass hands?" "Nah, it's cool. I'm tillising." "Whatever, dude. Don't you ever touch my fries again."

That's classic :)

I've been thinking of starting up a faux Twitter (or Facebook) account as a germ (with a picture of a germ) in support of Thom Tillis, but my attention span is overloaded as it is...