We cannot wait to get serious about planning

This artincle on new census data requires no comment, but I will state the obvious fact that those who still see North Carolina as a sleepy country state with no need for serious mass transit and other planninf solutions are living in a past decade:

Led by Raleigh and Myrtle Beach, 10 metropolitan areas in North Carolina and South Carolina were among the country's 100 fastest-growing cities and towns between 2000 and 2005.
The Raleigh-Cary region, counted as a single Metropolitan Statistical Area by the federal government and including most of the Triangle, grew by 19.1 percent to a population of almost 950,000, the 18th-largest rate of growth.


TG, I am not the world's

authority on transportation. Heck...I know next to nothing. However there are two observations from Charlotte. First is the state needss to finish funding what it starts before it decides to be generous and spread road money too thin. Charlotte's outerbelt would be in its final stages if it weren't for delays that were caused when smaller cities finally had projects that qualified for the same funding. My understanding is that instead of finishing what was started the state decided to dole smaller portions of money out which means that none of projects is really getting enough money. IF I'm wrong, it's Dr. Traffic's fault from the Charlotte Observer. By the time this road is finished it will be obsolete. The city is already having to widen some of the older sections before two sections are finished - not even started, actually. (OK...wait...this was a rant...not an observation)

The second observation is on our light rail - and I think I've mentioned this once before. Charlotte has been limited as to which outlying communities it can expand to because they don't want to cough up the money to help build the stations/stops, etc. Mooresville just declined. That's one of the most congested stretches leading into downtown and the town of Mooresville says no. How does a city like Charlotte expand and develop the use of rail if the surrounding cities/towns won't participate?

OK...I'm done. I live in my own little take the girls to school, dance and scouts kind of world. I might not be a rail user, but I do see the need and I agree it needs to happen sooner rather than later. I'm tired of my city always playing catch-up.

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Free bus rides

A posistive: State employees in Triangle Area can get a "Go Pass" good for one year -- For Free! ---

That's a step in the right direction. Several people on my bus route work in my building none of us are the stereotypical bus riders if you know what I mean. I ride it several times a week and over the course of a year that's lower gasoline consumption (demand) and cleaner air.

Whoever the wizard was that came up with this one can be thanked for doing the right thing and promoting "good government" of the kind we know & love.

UNC now gives

employees free access to the town bus (although that is a town decision as well) and to TTA.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.