Watt what?

My friend Fred over at Orange Politics posted this comment about Mel Watt:

Hopefully, there will be something in the local media about this afternoon’s address by Rep. Mel Watt, chair of the CBC, entitled “The State of the Union.” The program was held at the NC Mutual Life insurance Co. auditorium and many local political figures were in attendance, including Rep. Price.

When asked the impeachment question, Rep. Watt indicated that he didn’t know if there has been any criminal behavior, but based on what he currently knows, he doesn’t see any impeachable offenses. It wasn’t clear if the CBC or Watt will support the Conyers Resolution or not, but according to THOMAS, Watt is not a cosponsor at this time.

WTF? Is Watt for real? He doesn't see any impeachable offenses? Ya mean like breaking the f*cking law? (By the way, Fred is as straight a shooter as you'll ever find. If he says Watt said this, it's true.)

God I'm sick of Democrats right now. They're doing something Republican's could never accomplish: making me want to quit.


It's a tricky thing

I imagine that you don't bring the President to the matt unless you have the goods and have them solid. Watt's statement is entirely consistent with a Conyers Resolution supporter -- the whole point of the CR commission is to try to figure out whether there's been an impeachable offense. I'd put a month's salary on the fact that BushCo has broken laws (and not laws like jaywalking, either), but we've got to put on a good enough case to bring some House Repubs over. Some caution is appropriate, I think.

Not tricky at all

The Conyers Resolution is a meaningless exercise unless a core group believes there has been an impeachable offense. If they don't believe that, why bother with the resolution at all?

And if they do believe it, they should fight hard for impeachment at every opportunity. Otherwise they are completely out of integrity with the rule of law and their oaths of office.

Watt's saying he doesn't think there's been an impeachable offense. He's certainly entitled to that opinion, but not to my support.

Also, I wonder if he'd be singing a different tune if Dems were in the majority. Maybe he and Price are just too tired and worn down from being in the short end of the stick all the time.

I'm with you 100%

Democrats need balls this year. At least sound like you have some guts - that is what Democrats and Indys want to hear. It isn't that Republicans are in the mainstream and we should move right, it's that they are strong in their message and their conviction. Act like a Republican, believe in your convictions and stand up for them.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

i will sign hr 635 !

i have filed to run for the house seat in the 4th district against david price.

my platform is unambiguous : impeach bush and end the iraq war !

my first act as rep. will be to co-sponsor the conyers res. and my second act will be to co-sponsor the murtha res.

i need your support !

kent kanoy

www.kanoy4congress.org (should be active by 2/28/06)