Water and Fire

(A quick note: I've been informed there's some grass roots movement to always link McHenry's name to Gay.com, which means that somehow search engines will think "McHenry" means "Gay". I'll give it a shot, I'm always up for a clever joke)

For some reason, everyone keeps telling me that Congress is going to fix the 10th District's water problem. Somehow, some magical Congressman (Patrick McHenry, maybe clothed in some robe from Harry Potter) is going to fly down from DC and protect our water and keep it from being drained by Kannapolis and those evil demons who apparently need lots of liquid to fund their dastardly building.

I've never heard more lies in my life.

But who can blame people? In an era where no-one understands politics and everyone has a cause, it's hard to sift through the lies and the truth. This makes it remarkably easy for people like our Congressman Patrick McHenry to lie to people and tell them that they can fix our problems.


In all honesty, Congress has no place deciding what happens with such things- it's not really what you would consider a pending issue. It's an issue for us North Carolinians to decide, and I'd actually prefer it keep in our boundaries. It's important for us to remain slightly sovereign in this realm, lest we become just another stooge for hotheaded conservatives to manipulate.

But let me rewind here and boil down the issue. The 10th District has the Catawba River, and thanks to some overdevelopment, our river is being sucked dry. Our beautiful river, which has been here and been a source of entertainment and water for my family for generation after generation, is being sucked dry because some jerks didn't think green when they built their buildings.

My response? Their fault. Last time I checked, the environment was not some sort of endless resource that can be abused at our will. Rather, the environment is something we need to treasure and protect, and obviously that's not happening. Rather, we're killing our natural resources so we can protect some idiot developers.

This isn't something Patrick McHenry can fix. He'll tell you that, but then again, McHenry will tell you a lot of lies. This is something we must fix as a state, and something that I personally think defines the character of a lot of politicians- if they are willing to protect our environment, or give proverbial fellatio to developers with money.

One hopes they make the right decision, but I doubt that will happen. I just hope I can get some fishing in before they drain every body of water that isn't filled with toxic substances.