Washington Post: Google needs regulation. Republicans are too busy screaming about bias.

Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai was taken to task last week in a Congressional hearing demanding answers from the tech giant. The overwhelming issue at hand is, of course, consumer protection and privacy. Unfortunately, this was not the main topic of conversation as Republican lawmakers focused on their party’s internet presence instead of constituents’ needs.

Right-wing legislators believe that Google rigs the search engine to censor conservative content. They chose to focus their energy on relentless accusations and questions directing Pichai to answer for actions he had not actually taken. The conspiracy theory is not the issue which troubles the American public right now.

We’ve been exposed to story after story, whether it be about Google or Facebook or any of the big tech companies, detailing how our data is taken from us without our knowledge and used to make money which we never see. Our data has value and we need for lawmakers to focus on protecting our privacy rights.
Pichai certainly has some questions to answer, but it’s time that we focus on what is harmful to the general public, not partisan attacks.