War, it’s for the troops. (political cartoon)

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Heard a presentation on Iraq

In my civic meeting this morning. The guy giving the presentation, who had been to Iraq, referred to the "enemy." What us libs have never gotten about this war is who this "enemy" is? Is it the Sunnis, Shiaa, or what?

I think the point is that conservative philospohy always needs a bogeyman of some sort in order to prosper. That's why they believed the Soviets were an evil empire intent on world domination, and they have created this term of Islamofascists to describe the Muslim world. To them, "they" are all the same----to put it bluntly, these are the same people who constantly stereotype other bogeymen---black folks, Latino immigrants ("those damn Mexicans"), gay people ("the homosexual agenda"), the ACLU ("the war on Christmas"), etc. That they seek to demonize Muslims is no surprise---how many of us has heard the "sand n-word slur?

This war, and how they are fighting it, is just the conservative movement taking its racism abroad. I always point out to the conservatives around her that we didn't go after all redneck white guys with guns after McVeigh bombed the Murrah building. Nor should we go after all Muslims, especially nations that had nothing to do with attacking us.

War is over if you want it.

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