Want Protest music? One word:FLOBOTS

It is a rare treat when something makes you take notice of something new.
This past fall during the national war protests, I got to see FLOBOTS in Denver, Colorado.
Let me just say that although I was impressed then, I only got to see a partial band performance, with not all of the members. Since then, I have seen them on Denver Open Media which seeks to grant us all access to the tv airwaves - something I think is truly important to reclaiming our democracy. FLOBOTS is now getting some airplay on the radio, and well, if you have missed the bands that spoke to truth to power, then check these guys out.

It is most important to notice that the first time I got to see them is when they were speaking out at a war protest.
Here is Johnny 5, at that protest.
Props to CSACTION for the excellent video coverage (my sound did not turn out as well)

"Cloud Cover" and my favorite, "Iraq/Iran" at 5:50 in the clip

It's Really A Quagmire

Follow up - our interview of the Iraq Veterans Against the War Rocky Mountain Organizer, Jared Hood.

Question - How did you get involved?

My job in the reserves, at Fort Carson, was taken from me, by the Department of Defense Contractors, and I began training Blackwater security to do military police operations in Iraq. That started to embitter me because I knew that they were going to get paid $120,000 over there. They (Blackwater) were laughing, it was just a big joke to them, most soldiers serving over there are pulling in $12.00 an hour.

While you were there (at the IVAW 2nd Annual Conference) you guys actually staged an action. What happened with that?

It became clear to us that our main focus should be a "Truth in Recruiting" campaign. We were looking at military age kids 17,18,19 years old and really focusing on talking to them about the truth in recruiting. The fact the military promises so many things that they are never going to get.
(while at the conference) We found out that there was an African American Job fair, a Black Expo. We scoped it out we infiltrated it and passed out fliers...
Mentioning what the fallacies recruiting tactics are?
Right, basically "do you know enough to enlist?" That the military promises these benefits, the GI Bill, but only 20% of the Veterans, statistically, have actually gotten their GI Bills. The fact that they promise health care, that the military as an institution breeds homophobia, racism, and sexism.

We all rallied similar to our military excercises and our squad leader asked us.
"Iraq Veterans Against the War, what have you learned?"
Because one of the armies newest recruting techniques is they have a video game called "America's Army" which is a violent video game where you shoot people.
To try and work in the "cool factor" of going to war?

Exactly, we were able to successfully shut down the 2 recruiting tents that they had set up.

In some other documentaries we have seen they actually are setting up recruiting places where there is lack of employment, lack of opportunity, and recruiters are trained in how to pull in young people...

People call it an all volunteer Military. That is a fallacy. It is actually a "Poverty Draft" where they are actually drafting in poverty stricken regions.

War is not a Game!

Use your tools,



are hard core. Even though we've time and time again filled out the "opt-out" papers and filed them with our school district, my son gets calls from all branches of the military. I have repeatedly told them that he is not interested. He has told them that he is not interested. They keep calling. One enterprising Marine even said "This is Keith, is David there?", as if he were a friend of David's. Unfortuately, he called my cellphone, which had been the phone number the school had been given as our home number. So I knew what was up. I asked him which branch of the service he was with. He said he was with the Marines. I told him that David was not interested in the Marines. He asked what David was going to do when he graduated from high school. I informed him that this was none of his business. He told me that since David was 18, I didn't have the right to tell him that it was none of his business. I told him that since he was calling on my cell phone, I could tell him any thing I wanted to, and could I please speak to his commanding officer. His C.O. was not available. I told him that both David and I had filled out the paper required to prevent the military from contacting him, and that further contact would be considered harrassment, and that I would file a complaint with the NC Attorney General's office. I asked him if he understood. He quietly said, "Yes, Ma'am." I couldn't help myself. I shouted into the phone: "I can't hear you!" He responded: "YES MA'AM!"

On another note - I loved the Flobots. Fantastic!

Be the change you wish to see in the world. --Gandhi

Worst job I ever had.

And that includes being paid $1.85 per hour pulling tobacco all day hunched over in 95 degree heat. :)

I'm not defending this guy, because he's plainly a jerk. But most of us didn't volunteer for the duty, we got selected because our periodic evaluation reports ranked the highest among non-commissioned officers.

As an Army recruiter, I worked 14 hours a day six days a week, and 4-5 hours on Sunday to catch up on paperwork. That phone-calling was (for me) the worst part of the job, and it was a required part of the job. Scheduled into our seriously micro-managed day was (usually) about 6 hours of calls, whether from lists we generated ourselves or those that were provided to us from above.

Every day I was screamed at, cursed at, threatened and insulted, called everything from baby-killer to fascist, and then my boss(es) would follow up with their own insults and threats if I didn't schedule enough appointments.

All of that to get one or two people to enlist per month.

Anyway, try to remember that when one of these guys call. They're not doing it for fun, I can tell you that.

Best laugh I've had all weekend ....

I asked him if he understood. He quietly said, "Yes, Ma'am." I couldn't help myself. I shouted into the phone: "I can't hear you!" He responded: "YES MA'AM!"

The image is ... Priceless!!! You go girl!! (applause)

Person County Democrats

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

Me, too. lol.

"I can't hear you!" I'm going to use that one next chance I get.
News of the 10th district: See Pat Go Bye Bye,

We've all had jobs we hate.

He was being deceitful and was actually breaking the law since we had filed opt-out papers preventing the military from contacting my son about being recruited. He was not respectful to me, and I don't have any problem giving him shit for behaving the way he did. He refused to give me the name of his commanding officer. This was not the first time we've had the recruiting calls from the Marines, either.

I meant it - if I get another call from the Marines attempting to recruit my son, I will file a complaint with the NC Attorney General's office. We followed the rules by filing the papers, so should they. When David turned 18, he filed what he had to with Selective Service. We're doing what we have to - the Military needs to follow their rules.

I'm sorry - I've got no sympathy for someone who uses deceitful tactics in an attempt to get through me to talk to my son when both he and I have said he has no interest in talking to them.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. --Gandhi

I was going to call you on the phone

and try to recruit you into the Salvation Army as a practical joke, but now I'm too scared! ;o

Be afraid

be very afraid! :-)

Be the change you wish to see in the world. --Gandhi

so it's just marines?

that's about the most narrow interpretation I've seen.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. --Gandhi

Let me make this clear.

I've got nothing against the Marines. My brother was a Marine (or should I say is a Marine - do they ever stop being one?) But it was his choice to become one. My problem is with the close-to-harrassment we've been experiencing every since my dear son took his SAT's (fantastic scores) and the military decided he was officer material. (He's not - trust me.) I have no problem with anyone who has served in the military, either voluntarily or through the draft. You have my deepest gratitude for helping preserve my freedom - which includes my freedom to tell that young Marine to leave my son alone.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. --Gandhi