Walk It Off, You Whiner!

Got shot while hunting? According to this Fayetteville blogger it happens all the time; no big deal. Only the wacko liberal press could make a story out of the Vice President shooting a guy in the face.

Next we'll hear that Whittington should feel honored to be carrying around the Vice President's pellets.


Good for Jumping Trooper Tony?

I am sure next week drill at Bragg will have Trooper Tony
facing a double barrel riot shotgun from 5 feet to prove
what a loyal supporter he is of his commander in chief for
letting his VP take target practice on his good buddy by
mistake. Come on Trooper! Straighten up and turn around and
stop bending over!

Boy, you are out there in the weeds

digging up stuff like this. Trooper Toney is certifiable . . . but I'm sure all the dearies in his life just LOVE his duct-tape roses.