WakeUpWalmart.com Skewers McCain in New Ad

McCain probably thought that by choosing Sarah Palin as a running mate he could mask his record on women’s issues – or to borrow a timely phrase, put lipstick on the pig that is his platform.

But WakeUpWalmart.com is going to make sure he doesn’t get away with it.

In a new ad, WakeUpWalmart.com highlights what is one of the most egregious examples of his standing in the way of progressive reforms like fair pay for women.

Women working at Walmart make notoriously less than their male counterparts (it’s the Walmart way). That’s why WakeUp Walmart joined together with other groups to form the largest discrimination class action in history.

This was a chance for Big Mac to prove those reform credentials he likes to talk about, but instead he case a big, fat, regressive “NO” to fair pay.

You call that “reform”?

McCain talks a big game about “change” all of a sudden, but he’s saddled with an ugly record of reinforcing Walmart’s Republican policies.

As economic anxiety continues, we need a president who will fight for the rights of workers, not Walmart.

WakeUpWalmart.com will hold McCain accountable for his votes and is running this ad in battleground states beginning with the McCain’s parading of Palin at the debate tonight.

I encourage everyone to send it to any of the women in your life and to post it yourself.