Wake Up Walmart Starts 2008 Campaign

Wake Up Walmart has released its first video of 2008. Walmart is a key issue for progressives to focus on- because of their awful health care benefits, North Carolina citizens are estimated to be paying $54,409,985 a year in taxes to cover poor Walmart employees and their families with health care- while Walmart is making huge profits.

Please check out this video, and let your friends know why we need to "Wake Up Walmart".


Tonight they were # 1 Worst people in the World

Keith burned them a new one tonight on MSNBC.

A Wal-mart employee was in an accident with a semi and was left with brain damage. She had health insurance thru Wal-Mart. It had a clause that if someone covered on the plan received moneys from a suit or settlement that Wal-Mart could sue for that money.

This woman was living in a nursing home,disabled,with brain damage. She won a settlement. After lawyer's fees she had $417,000.00 in trust for her care.

Wal-Mart sued and won a judgement of $470,000.00
And six days after Wal-mart won this judgement, this woman's son was killed in Iraq.

This from a company that made an 11 Billion dollar profit that year.

She had enought money for her care, what happens now, does Medicade have to pay for it?

May they rot in hell.

and to top it off,

Her 18 year old son was killed in Iraq.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. --Gandhi

I have said before...if Sam Walton really knew what had become

of his little 'five and dime type store' that once boasted "made in America" products he would roll in his grave...better yet, rise from the grave and kick his kids butts!


Silence is Betrayal...an Edwards Democrat.

Silence is Betrayal