Wake County School Board Issue On HuffPost

Huffington Post has a story on the Wake County school board resegrigation plan. Here is the best paragraph.

Public ire aside, the Tea Party has shown its support of Wake County's actions. Art Pope, a popular republican figure who sits on the board of Americans For Prosperity, was quoted by the Washington Post as saying the isolation factor might make things more convenient.

"If we end up with a concentration of students underperforming academically, it may be easier to reach out to them. Hypothetically, we should consider that as well."

Finally the national media is starting to expose Art Pope, now if only more media would look into this plan.



Thanks for keeping an eye on this, Mr. Mayhem

The Wake County Crazies seem hell bent on destroying North Carolina's reputation all by themselves .. and they're doing a hell of a job.

Amen! I can't imagine what

Amen! I can't imagine what the rest of the counrty think of us southerners but I'd gamble its not very nice.

It is a bizarre contention, as though 'Death At An Early Age'

had never been written and reams of research into what works and what does not never performed. Someone in the comments tried a stale argument for charter schools, which are parasitic.
Someone else presented the decades-outdated theory that black students somehow need separate "afro-centered" educational environments as though it were a pervasive current theory among black academics.
Yes, it is all deliberately dishonest groping for rationalization of the separation of "them" from "us" that drove separate but deliberately unequal.