Wake County residents - show up to the SBOE meeting on 9/4/2012 to support our Early Voting appeal!

In January 2012, the Wake Board of Election UNANIMOUSLY approved requesting enough funds from the Wake County Commissioners to have 25 to 30 One-Stop Early Voting sites for the 2012 General election. The County Commissioners only approved roughly HALF the money. The BOE staff worked up a plan for roughly half the total number of hours for early voting we had in 2008, and 1/3 the sites originally asked for.

Saw this on Facebook today - http://charmeck.org/mecklenburg/county/MediaRoom/PR/Pages/BoardofElections.aspx

Mecklenburg is getting 22 locations and 2741 hours of voting.

Mecklenburg County has only slightly more voters than we have in Wake, but we turned out nearly 30K more voters in 2008 than they did. Yet somehow our County Commissioners feels we only deserve HALF the sites and hours for Early Voting than Mecklenburg is getting this year.

Can someone explain that? If that's not a Republican attempt at Voter Suppression, I don't know what else it can be!

If you live in Wake County, you need to be at the State Board of Elections on September 4, 2012 at 10AM. They will meet in the Board Room at 441 North Harrington Street to consider appeals to non-unanimous One-Stop Absentee voting plans. Wake County has roughly the same number of voters as they have in Mecklenburg County, yet Mecklenburg has 22 sites open 2741 hours vs. the 15 sites and nearly half the hours in Wake County - due to Wake County Commissioners budgetary allocations.

We need to turn out to support BOE member Kristi Talley and her appeal for more locations and hours. We turned out 30K more voters than Mecklenburg County in 2008 - we can do the same as long as we aren't being handicapped by the Republican members of the Wake County Commissioners!


Did Wake County Do more

Early voting numbers than them in 2008? What are you saying? Did Wake do better? Are you saying Wake needs to do touch screen voting so that they can have more voting and more touch screne sites equals more voter turnout? GREAT question. I agree with YOU! Wake County should go with touch screen voting and get more sites and get more sites. If Wake does fewer voters because they are paper, then touch screen voting is the way to go. Great point you are making! Thank you for advocating why we need to go with touch screen voting. More sites.... more machines...... based on your logic, it must be right.

Better lay off the fried corn chips!

Where are you getting this stuff from?

I wrote that Wake County had fewer registered voters in 2008 than Mecklenburg County had, but we turned out 30K more voters in the 2008 General Election than in Mecklenburg County.

Wake had greater voter turnout than Mecklenburg had in 2008 - is that "simple" enough for you?

I never wrote that Wake needs touchscreen voting. Anyone who knows me or has read what I have written over the years would never think that I advocate touchscreens over op-scan paper ballots. That's like someone over in Cary politics misreading what I wrote and claiming that I support Instant Runoff Voting!

My point was that Mecklenburg County has more Early Voting sites and hours than we were originally supposed to have in Wake County this year. Twice the original number of Wake County sites, and double the number of total hours. What that means is that Mecklenburg County voters won't have to wait in lines as long as those that Wake County Voters will have to wait in.

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

We picked up some extra hours...

...more than we had in 2008, but not enough to cover the increasing number of voters we've added since 2008 - nor to bring us equal to what Guilford and Forsyth County have together (33 sites) and what Mecklenburg County has (22 sites and 2700 hours)!

Wake BOE Secretary Kristi Talley spoke up eloquently and passionately to appeal the plan approved by the other two BOE members. She asked for another Early Voting site at a former church which donated the use of the building FREE of CHARGE! She asked for extended hours on the final Saturday, and then asked for two more days at the beginning of the schedule at the high-volume Raleigh and Cary sites.

Then the GOP member spoke up against the appeal. One reason he cited for not voting for the appeal was that it was dangerous and impossible to extend the hours from 1 PM to 5 PM on the final Saturday because BOE workers wouldn't have the time to update the poll books for Election Day.

SBOE member Bob Cordle spoke up and said that was exactly what the SBOE did back in 2008 - and John Howard didn't know what to say.

So the SBOE member voted on party lines to reject the Wake BOE majority plan. Then they voted on party lines to approve the Kristi Talley plan. Well - voting on party lines was the end result. SBOE CHair Larry Leake runs an old-school meeting - he only votes in the case of a tie with the other 4 members. That happened with both votes - so Leake broke the tie.

In fact almost all the other appeals to Early Voting plans involved Sunday or Saturday voting. And what bothers me is that it was always a Democrat who was appealing the 2-1 vote where the other vote was from the OTHER Democrat on the county BOE who for some reason didn't want to have weekend voting. I just don't get that - what sort of Democrat would think that it was fair and appropriate to limit the days for Early Voting in their community when damned near all the churches in their communities supported weekend voting - even on Sunday?

The Wake BOE will hold a meeting on Wednesday, September 5, 2012 at BOE HQ to discuss this recent development. I'll report on it after the meeting.

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting