Voter ID through the back door?

From the Greensboro News & Record, Voter ID is back. Surprised?

The General Assembly passed the bill on June 16 and Gov. Bev Perdue vetoed it. Legislative Republicans, who control both the House and Senate took a shot at overriding the veto, but fell four votes short in the House. (The vote tally shows they were five short, but that was due to a strategic vote by one Republican to keep the issue alive.)

Lawmakers then “parked” the bill in a committee to wait for a time when maybe the votes would be there.

That was Tuesday.

Wednesday, House Republicans moved a bunch of local bills – those affecting only a handful of counties – to the House Rules Committee. The handy thing about local bills is they’re not subject to gubernatorial veto.

A few months ago, it might have sounded so outlandish that you'd consider it a joke. But that's what you thought of George W. Bush in 2000. Then America reelected Bush in 2004. Now another Texas governor, Rick Perry, is running for president and the Arizona attorney general just filed suit against the government to invalidate several provisions of the 1965 Voting Rights Act.

Don't take anything for granted.

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They will probably just wait until

enough people are in the bathroom or out sick, and bam something that should never have become law will.

And the idea about pushing voter id laws through local bills, where they disrespect what local representatives want, and put stricter requirements on voting in counties like orange, durham, and wake with voter id requirements, but not in counties that vote more conservative, would be laughable if not for being so sad and undemocratic.

We've got to stay strong, and stay on top of our legislators, not just to side with us, but to stay vigilant in not straying too far from the capital until all these sessions are finally over.

Thanks, Mark

Tillis is a man of many faces.

The way I see it, there's no time on the GA agenda for Pat McCrory's big obsession because Tillis wants Voter ID to be a campaign issue next year. If it were made into law this month, what would McCrory have to run on?

I know, I know. Voter ID is essential for preserving democracy and will stop the millions of lyin' scumbags who cheat at the polls, but, hey, that pales in comparison to something REALLY important, like building discrimination against gays into the state constitution.

After working with high-powered business consultants for three decades, I've learned that about ten percent of them are unapologetic whores. They will say and do whatever is required to win the contract, promising anything as long as they close the deal. To say their moral principles are "situational" is to give them credit they don't deserve in the first place. They have no moral principles beyond making money and having power. Tillis doesn't give a damn about Voter ID or gay marriage or public education or anything else. He's a sociopath out to get his way no matter what. Too bad we didn't get one of the 90% of consultants who are decent human beings.