Virginia Foxx has been a no-show at Impeachment hearings


Because you don't need to learn anything when your mind's made up:

Two North Carolina lawmakers sit on the committees with access. However, one of them has so far not attended any of the secure testimony: Rep. Virginia Foxx, R-5th District.

“Several depositions have been scheduled when Congress is not in session and other events have been scheduled in North Carolina. Others have had their time changed, conflicting with other responsibilities in Washington, including my work as Republican Leader on the Education and Labor Committee,” she wrote.

I won't say she is dumber than a box of rocks, but she's pretty damn close. She just admitted that depositions have been held when Congress was in session and not in session, meaning she had ample opportunity to attend at least one of these hearings. By trying to cover her ass with this catch-all statement, she accomplished the opposite. And this Tweet from late September shows she is nothing more than a hypocrite:

Get that? She is demanding evidence, which she will later not even show up to hear. Back to the OP:

Foxx has repeatedly criticized the impeachment probe. In a recent interview, she said the process has not lived up to the standards of Congress.

“We’re not a banana republic and things should not be done in secret. They should all be out in the open,” Foxx said.

The thing is, you actually had access to said probe, but you couldn't work it into your schedule of fundraising and taxpayer-subsidized campaigning.