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Okay, I'm new at this. I have no idea what the lists are above this box except that they must have to do with my content. Since I'm just trying to figure this whole blog thing out, I really have no topic.

Well, I'll pick one. I worked for Patsy Keever in the last election. So that puts me at NC-11. I now live in NC-10 which rivals the 11th for having an absolutely repulsive representative.

It's wonderful and encouraging and awesome that you all created this forum to collect all the poop on these jokers. Props to you BlueNC folks. I love you.

Now back to repulsive congresspersons. I don't know much about Foxx but I'm not too far from the 5th and I've heard rumors. Something about getting a facelife the week she voted against Katrina funds.

Is there a way we can keep a list of this kind of garbage that anyone new to the game doing a quick search couldn't help but google taylor, mchenry and foxx and get an easy list of the most obvious stuff.

for example, have a page on taylor that has an easy-to-read list of all the greatest hits like "questionable banking practices," "photo ops with checks that aren't cashable," "close ties to KGB generals," and "false financial disclosures."

As I said, I'm new to this stuff, but it seems like that would be a great service . . . you know, to catch the casual voter that just does a quick search right before voting but otherwise doesn't pay much attention.

Well, for the first time, it wasn't so bad.

do you sign off, like a letter????


Okay I looked at the preview and tried to click on the charles taylor entry under feds and nothing happened. Does anyone know how to make it work right. And if so, how would you contact me? This is weird commenting into dead space. I feel very old.


hey it worked

okay, it did note charles taylor. So, now I need to know how to get it to note mchenry and foxx. I guess I'll figure it out later. This was exhausting. I think I'll change drama queen to aging out-of-it queen.

Yes it did work.


Such a fine job for someone who had no topic in mind. And an excellent topic you chose . . . Republican sleaziness!

Very great to have you here.


Nice name.

Yay....a new voice at BlueNC

Welcome...and we'll help you out if you need it. You did a great job. The tabs can also be added later if you click on your story title and then click on the edit button. I've had to do that. Sometimes I'm in a rush to just get the mess written and forget to sort using tabs.

Hope to see you often!

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

thanks everyone

Wow I feel very welcomed. Thank you.

But, tell me, to add tabs later (like Foxx and McHenry and their districts) I click on edit. Then do I click on submit? Do I have to do that over and over. I can't figure out how to click on all those things at the same time when I originally submit it.

Also, if I resubmit the entry, won't that just make a duplicate post????

No ruch on the answers. I'm already tired again.

Submit is correct

It won't make a duplicate, it'll just save changes to the existing post. I think your idea for a "greatest hits" page for folks like Taylor and Foxx is a good one, and it's close to what I had in mind when I put up the black & white Taylor and Hayes ads. (Right now those point to the respective category pages, but a brief guide would be better.)

Want to make one? It could be in the form of a blog post. I'll be glad to help.

Also, welcome!


Okay. How do we start? Should I just start gathering ideas for the list. And I guess it should link to the most well-researched and respected sources for backup.

I'm still finding comments to my posts that I didn't see before but I'm game.

Aha...I know the answer to this one too!

Hold down the Control - Ctrl - key when you are selecting them. Sorry...I should have remembered to tell you that too.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Test it out a couple of times

Just start with some short posts to get your feet wet. You also may want to try some basic html. Lance has put stuff together in the About BlueNC link on the left.