The Vindication of Dick Cheney (by Obama)

Pardon: correctio, Salon vs HuffPost.
There is an interesting article at: The vindication of Dick Cheney
By Glenn Greenwald

Obama’s failure to rescind Bush policies or prosecute the Bush administration criminals has (1)decimated the rule of law, (2) abrogated fundamental
constitutional rights and civil liberties, and (3) given the Government (FBI, NSA, DoD, Homeland Security, etc.) unlimited powers over ordinary citizens with no right of redress). This is a dark, dark stain on Obama’s presidency. He has been captured by (1) corporations and (2) executive departments which he is to lead and manage. He has invited back in many of the major miscreants from the Bush and Clinton administrations.

If Obama loses in 2012, it will because he has conceded to so many Republican demands that there is no need for a Democrat in the White House (same way the Blue Dogs lost big in 2010).