VIDEO: David Parker on Fixing the Party, Reclaiming the Majority

David Parker wants the NC Democratic Party to get right with itself. That includes acknowledging the incredible contributions Democrats have made to North Carolina. As he says in this new video: "we're the Party that built the state we live in today."

The voters of North Carolina will look to us for leadership again because of that relationship. It's not just the past; the future is our responsibility too. When the new Republican majority takes control of the legislature next week, we'll find ourselves in a new role as defender of our schools, health care and civil rights. David wants to be a vocal, visible Chairman and standard-bearer for the core principles of the Party.

That means articulating the case against the GOP and presenting voters with our alternative: strong schools, a competitive economy, and a system that elevates justice and equality for everyone. If we do that, we'll win elections. Not just at the state level, but throughout the state in municipal contests this fall.

Representative Bill Faison has taken to poking David Parker for wanting to be Party Chair his whole life. I know David, and I don't doubt that if the six year old Parker had possessed some understanding of internal Democratic politics in 1960 when John Kennedy and Terry Sanford were elected, he might have aspired to the job. What actually happened was that they compelled him to participate in the Democratic Party in whatever way he could-- at great sacrifice for much of his adult life-- including eventually managing his hero Sanford's Senate campaign in 1992.

That's the sort of perennial leadership involvement that the Party encourages in her young people and it's the sort of dedication that we would be a stronger Party for having more of.

Faison said on a recent conference call that the Democratic Party wasn't relevant in the elections that carried him to victory four times in his Orange/Caswell County district. But take a look at Democratic voter registration in that district: it's 59%.

That's generations of the Democratic Party at work.

Take a look at this video. Make sure that every member of the SEC in your county sees it. Parker is a Democrat who has been a keen observer of the Party for over 35 years. As the political paradigm shifts next week, he's prepared to assume a new role as well; he's ready to lead the North Carolina Democratic Party.

Frank Eaton
Parker volunteer
SEC, NCDP, Forsyth County


I liked that the video

had a mix of hope, and shining some light on the faces of those pushing/financing regressive policies.

The right messenger for the NCDP

Will be able to navigate those two very different tones. He can't just be obstructionist (although there's a hell of a lot that is going to require obstructing). He's got to continue to push our principles and keep these guys on the defensive. Constant, aggressive communication is what David is committed to.

Thanks for your feedback, Jake.