VIDEO: Cal Cunningham Votes this morning in Lexington

Thanks to everyone who has supported Cal's campaign through what has been-- for some of us-- a year and two primaries. The party's in Lexington tonight at the Civic Center on Main Street!

Thanks again, BlueNC!



photography at the polls

According to the Wake County BOE photography is illegal inside a polling location.

When I early voted they yelled at me for taking a picture of the (empty) voting booth. Aside from the election officials I was the only person in the place, which maybe explains why they took time out to holler at me for something harmless. Fortunately they let me off with a warning.

Election protection activists tried to fight this in 2006, but the rule (law?) still stands.

Not saying that's how it ought to be; I was quite embarrassed that I got yelled at.

The difference Jerimee

is you aren't running for office.....

NOW -- ON TO NOVEMBER (October for early voters)

Winning will take work, whoever wins tonight.

This midterm is an opportunity for Blue NC to work for change. Elaine or Cal, I am working every week, every month this summer.

There are voters who do not understand that midterms count.

if you can explain why it is important to vote in the November midterm elections, than you can help.

Burr will have more money than either Cal or Elaine, but I believe we have heart.

Contact your local party or ofa to help get out the voters.