Vernon Robinson Uses Outdated, Deceptive Photo on His Website

Here is Vernon Robinson on his website:

And here is a picture of Vernon today via citizen:

I would not write about this were it not for Robinson's nasty distortions about Brad Miller.


Come on Vernon

Don't you know it is better to be beautiful on the inside.

Oh are down right nasty on the inside.

Yep! The lower pic is Vernon as a reserve lineman

In fact last night Vernon was at a forum along with my candiate
on the same stage. You could have drop a 500 bell bar on
Vernon and a sound wouldn't been heard nor the present body
of Vernon would have notice that he should be at the Carolina Panther
Training Camp as a offensive lineman candiate.

Dear Vernon

Try squeezing in a salad every now and then. Apparently, full time hating doesn't burn the calories it once did.

Doesnt matter

I read your disclaimer TarGator, but that still does not justify this at all. Who cares if he's fat now.

As the party of real morals and vaules, we shouldnt even entertain the notion of making fun of people's appearances. Even if its all in fun! Sorry to be a spoil sport. But as a passing joke it may be funny, but on a statewide blog it doesnt fly.

Our children need to know that some people fought back, when others collaborated.

Our children need to know that some people fought back, when others collaborated.

Normally, I'd be with ya YB

I'm usually a "show respect, get respect" kind of person. But this guy Robinson was way off the "respectable" chart looooong ago. Whatever mud gets thrown at him, he's brought on himself.

"They took all the trees and put them in a tree museum Then they charged the people a dollar 'n a half just to see 'em. Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got till it's gone? They paved paradise and put up a parking lot."

As George W might say

You want a candidate comfortable in his own clothes.

Oh come on

It's funny... It is ok every once and a while to laugh... especially if it's at the expense of a nasty bigoted wind bag like Vernon Robinson.

Why do we need to show respect

to a person who obviously has not earned it? I disagree YB, it is funny, he is a fat scum bucket...period!

This man(if he can be called that) shows absolutely no respect to his fellow candidates, NOR to the people he wants to elect him to office.

Buck shot butt shot

Home, home, I'm deranged

It is not just weight...

It is that the photo on the website is obviously airbrushed and taken when Vernon was wearing a sizable amount of makeup.


This is a guy who's ad says "Hey y'all you illegals, put your shoes on, go home. Don't come back now. Ya hear?" I'm sure he could be more de-humanizing but he obviously doesn't give a damn.

He' right up there down there with George "Macaca" Allen whose NC donors include: Harold Brubaker, Nelson Dollar, Jim Goodnight, John Kane, Robert Luddy, Danny McComas, Les Merritt, John Pope, Joyce Pope, Art Pope, Kieran Shanahan, Fred Smith, Maurice Koury.

Or the picture

was taken many years ago with lots of makeup and airbrushing. He doesn't publish any fat pictures.


Photo Editing

is awesome!!!

Look what it did for this guy:



That nickname makes sense once you see the before picture, doesn't it?

Bush Economy

NO, no, no....I wouldn't insult the cartoon character

like that. I am saying the warm-blooded "Speedy" creeps me out every time I hear his voice.

“Arriba! Arriba! Ándale! Ándale!” Get this creepy repug enabler outta here!


= Attorney General
= Alberto Gonzalez
= Abu Ghraib


Bush Economy

I didn't really take it as making fun of old Vern

I have a great picture that I could put up of 22 years ago.

The fact is, showing an outdated photo of yourself is dishonest. What if youth, vitality were qualities important to someone. They might see that in the pictures Vernon uses. They certainly wouldn't see that in current pictures of Vern. The only thing Vern approaches with vigor is the dinner table.....and I get to say that being a reformed petit fleur myself. You see...old Vern and I.....we blossomed. I just don't find it necessary to hide behind ancient photos of myself.

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NEVER EVER EVER compare yourself to Vernon Robinson. You are lovely.