Vernon Robinson is an Obama fan?

ok guys, I kept this a secret for a long time because I thought it might hurt the Obama campaign, but I feel like I can come out with it now it seems Obama has the nomination locked...
Vernon Robinson did door-to-door canvassing for Obama!

If you don't know who vernon Robinson is, he's about the nastiest politician you can imagine. There are plenty of stories about him on BlueNC, including one by Betsy.
Anyway, on to my "revelation".
This happened on election day in the South Carolina primary. I had volunteered for the Obama campaign in SC for about a month. On election day I helped out with the GOTV effort in Rock Hill, SC.
That morning I showed up at the staging location for that day and got drafted to be a precinct GOTV captain.
While training the folks that were going to work with me, I noticed this big tall guy coming in and I recognized his face. I went over to him and sure enough, he said his name was Vernon. My jaw dropped to the ground at this point.
He turned out to be a precinct captain as well!
I went over to the person who headed the GOTV operation for the whole Rock Hill area that day and told her who Vernon Robinson was. They had no clue who they were dealing with.
She told me they would keep a very close eye on him that day. I soon left and canvassed my butt off all day. I haven't seen Vernon Robinson since.

Does anyone have an idea about what his motives might have been?


Vernon Evil Twin in Obama Campaign?

I told them it was Vernon and to keep a eye on him!* paraphasing L

Naw! What you saw was Vernon evil twin, Leroy! Brother Leroy is really Allan Keyes who appears on political scenes if there is money involve! For the record Brother Allan is two hundred lbs lighter than Vernon and talks very fast when confronted about Jesus coming back and kicking his ass.

Confused, but maybe his intentions were good?

Think about it. This was the South Carolina Primary, back in January. So what we're saying is that either he supports Obama or his plan was convoluted enough that he tried to use that to campaign against Obama, even though his win was guaranteed, when he could actually have been supporting one of the Republicans, considering there were 5 or 6 still in at that point?

Confused, but maybe his intentions weren't so good

Ya just never know in politics, but the idea of giving Vernon the benefit of the doubt won't stick in my gut. Honestly, it makes a lot of sense to me that he's just plain bonkers.

Perhaps it is something that gets joked about but may

have really happened. What if Ole Vern went so far around the bend to the Right that he has popped up on the Left?

He could be the next big Lefty blogger, posting on Kos and BlueNC calling for the legalization of pot and other such commie pinko notions.

Perhaps I need to have my medication checked. Perhaps I need medication, but I'll just have to settle for a glass of wine. :)

Person County Democrats

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?


This makes my head hurt.

Laura Leslie
(Barkeep, Isaac Hunter's Tavern)

Laura Leslie
blogger/reporter for WRAL @NCCapitol
Former Barkeep of Isaac Hunter's Tavern

Yeah this is crazy.

I remember this guy's ads. Literal quotes according to his wikipedia page:
"If Miller had his way, America would be nothing but one big fiesta for illegal aliens and homosexuals."

The first time I heard about this guy, I was driving to work. At first I thought his radio ad was some brilliant satire. I have friends who pay very little attention to local politics, but they remember this guy.

Maybe the right/left political spectrum is really circular?

I've wondered the same thing. It seems that far right and left wing philosophies can all end up in the same totalitarian place.

I've also seen that many people who have a tenancy to be politically radical, even when they have total philosophy changes, will end up on the radical end on either side. I know a lot of aging hippies who are now "get government out of my life" dittoheads.

But in this case, I wonder if this guy is just suffering from a true lack of political philosophy entirely, and was just trying to be obnoxious enough to get elected?