Vaccine mandates for colleges follow political fault lines


It's red state vs. blue state once again:

As of this weekend, only 34 — roughly 8 percent — are in states that voted for Donald J. Trump, according to a tracker created by The Chronicle of Higher Education. Nine of those were added on Friday, when Indiana University and its satellite campuses became rare public universities in a Republican-controlled state to mandate vaccines.

With many colleges facing falling enrollments and financial pressure, the decision whether to require vaccinations can have huge consequences. Particularly in Republican-controlled states, college presidents are weighing a delicate equation — part safety, part politics, part peer pressure and part economic self-interest.

Only one of those parts should really matter: Safety. Especially considering the clusters we saw on UNC's flagship campus this previous school year, requiring a vaccine is a no-brainer. With the state's premier private school (Duke University) requiring students be vaccinated, the situation with UNC System schools becomes even more absurd. Come on, UNC.



The Big Lie (No - that other Big Lie)

The GQP can't do what's safe for citizens. It still has to support Trump's Big Lie.

No, not Trump's Big Lie about a stolen election - the Trump Big Lie before that one on COVID being fake, a conspiracy by the left/China to defeat him in the election, or "nothing worse than the flu".

The Big Lies just mount, one on top of another. There's nothing left with the GOP except lies.