US Senate Race Goes Wide with Cal Cunningham's "Different War" Ad

The Cunningham campaign released Cal's first TV ad today, a biographical spot highlighting his biography and service record.

Elsewhere, Tom Jensen previewed his own new release, hinting that the numbers in the Democratic Primary for US Senate haven't changed much since last month's poll found the race tightening, with undecideds still outpacing all three leaders.

In conclusion, he admitted that

The endorsements, forums, speeches to Democratic groups, etc. do pretty much nothing to move poll numbers... The nominee will be chosen pretty much completely in these final three weeks.

With Richard Burr's constituent services touting ad being the only other political spot in rotation there this week, Democrats in the Raleigh media market may be catching a hint of what a potential Cunningham/Burr match-up would look like this fall.

And while our party still has a few weeks left before we all come together behind a nominee, the contrast between these two candidates is exactly how we early Cunningham adopters imagine the scenario playing out.

Burr is not a weak candidate; but our guy is in a BlackHawk helicopter in full battle rattle, flying from Baghdad to Al Najaf -- thousands of miles from his wife and children -- to prosecute a war that Burr voted for with no plan to win the peace.

That's a compelling narrative. And a focused, disciplined campaign designed to deliver that message -- as well as a comprehensive economic recovery plan for North Carolina that gets people back to work -- is how we believe we will beat Burr in the fall.


Can't wait for the voters to see this

What a spectacular ad. It looks great and gives a thoughtful, jobs focused message to kick start the final lap of this primary race.

I, for one, am glad that North Carolina voters are going to have a chance to see this ad before they go to the polls and choose our nominee for the Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate. It will surely help them in deciding who our candidate to defeat Richard Burr will be.

Thanks for hitting the airwaves and reaching out to voters across the state. As always Frank, your work continues to inspire. See, I beat James to the punch in order to compliment you on this one! :)

-- A liberal originally from Yadkin County. Did I just blow your mind?

As I said on

facebook, the Cunningham team sure knows how to make a video. Great work!

Thanks, Jake.

I know we lost you to Elaine today, but I just wanted to say how much I admire the deliberative approach you bring to this process. You and I have been talking pretty regularly about this race for, oh... a year now? I know what you needed out of the campaign, I understand why you have decided to support someone else, and you have elevated your issues and the position of those who agree with you through the tenor of your conduct.

That's chivalry, my friend; and it's coming back in style.

Frank, do you know where

that spot will be aired? I'm convinced that the TV ads do more than anything else for the candidate and that's a doosey!


I just gotta ask... is that really Cunningham flying in the helicopter, or is that one of those fancy shots where they fade pictures forward to look like movement?

It's real

They're flying from Baghdad to Al Najaf in March 2008.


for front paging this, James.

The folks at BlueNC deserve to see this and I think Frank for bringing the Cunningham camps piece to our site.

-- A liberal originally from Yadkin County. Did I just blow your mind?

You're welcome

I'm happy to share as much good work from campaigns as comes my way. If I don't do that, it's sometimes because I'm striving for balance ... but more often because I'm busy as all get out these days with freelance work.

From where I sit, there are early, but encouraging signs that things may be picking up.

I love Frank's work ... and he's got a lot to work with.

Great work! Already seen it

Great work! Already seen it on TV a few times- looks even better there!