US House Thinks About Doing Its Damn Job

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In a surprising move worthy of real adults, the US House of Representatives stands on the tentative verge of actually having a staged debate about Bush's War in Iraq. Will wonders never stop ceasing! Here's the story from the Christian Science Monitor.

WASHINGTON – The No. 1 issue for American voters - the future of the Iraq war - moves to the fore this week, both among President Bush's wartime advisers and on the floor of Congress. For supporters of the war, long thirsting for signs of progress, the timing seems fortuitous. Last week, US forces killed Iraq's most wanted terrorist, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, and the Iraqi prime minister finally completed his national-unity government. Monday, at Camp David, the president gathered his war cabinet and outside experts for a two-day strategy session, and Wednesday he meets at the White House with the bipartisan Iraq Study Group. In Congress, both houses are set to vote for supplemental war funding.

But it is the full-day debate on Iraq on the floor of the House of Representatives, scheduled for Thursday, that is the least predictable of the forums. The last time the House took to debating Iraq, last November, the scene deteriorated into recriminations over a resolution calling for immediate withdrawal that Democrats called a political stunt. House majority leader John Boehner (BONE-ER) (R) of Ohio, who has long planned for this week's debate, hopes to match the serious, dignified tone of deliberation that preceded the Gulf war, in 1991. Most of his GOP colleagues support the idea.

"The House is a debating society in the best sense of the word," says Rep. Henry Hyde (R) of Illinois, chairman of the International Relations Committee. "Everyone that listens with an open mind will find an aspect to this that they hadn't thought of."

Other members, including antiwar Republicans and Democrats, also welcome a debate, as long as the terms are fair, they say. At time of writing, the text of the resolution to be debated had not been released, but congressional sources indicated that it would frame the Iraq war as part of the broader war on terror, a point of controversy. Many war critics argue that the US role in Iraq has deflected attention from the larger war on terror, and thus antiwar members may feel compelled to vote against the resolution. But that may prove politically risky, as the resolution will also express support for American troops, and no member wants to be seen opposing the men and women in harm's way.

I'm planning to keep my eyes on this so-called debate - to both understand the wild delusions of war supporters and the cut-and-run euphemisms of detractors. I'm especially interested in seeing what North Carolina's Democrat Congressional Members offer up. Don't expect much, though, because this debate is ultimately of little importance. It's a sideshow, whistling in the wind while King George does what he wants no matter what the US House of Representatives has to say about it.


Imagine that.

Having a debate. I would call that:

Responsible debate

What was it Rob Corddry said about responsible debate in that Daily Show bit?

"We can debate whether the president is doing a good job in Iraq, or whether he's doing a great job." Expect more of that.

Don't expect Henry Hyde (or the rest) those deep beliefs in truth and the rule of law so proudly defended during the impeachment:

Mr. Speaker, my colleagues of the People's House, I wish to talk about the rule of law. …

Let us look back to Bunker Hill, to Concord and Lexington. Let us look across the river to Arlington Cemetery, where American heroes who gave their lives for the sake of the rule of law lie buried, and let us not betray their memory. Let us look to the future, to the children of today who are the presidents and members of Congress of the next century, and let us not crush their hope that they too will inherit a law-governed society.

Or Sue Myrick, for that matter:

Mr. Speaker, just before the November 3 election my 5-year-old grandson, Jake, asked his mother if we were going to be electing a new President, and upon being told, no, we already have a President, Jake replied: No, we do not; he lied.

As my colleagues know, such principle from the mouths of babes. As sad as this is for our Nation, this action is necessary so that all of us can continue to not only uphold but teach those basic truths and basic right and wrong in our houses and, most assuredly, in this House.

Yes, to err is human, but to lie and deny and vilify; rather than that we need to confess and repair and repent.

Just remember, the children are watching.

Durnit Anglico

It's Democratic. You can say North Carolina's Democrats in Congress or North Carolina's Democratic Congressional Members. Are you buying into that crap the raging right wingnuts are spewing? The proper adjectival form for Democrat is Democratic. Notice it is capitalized which is what prevents it from being confused with democratic. I don't expect raging right wingnuts to understand this subtlety, but I do expect a sophisticate like you to understand it. :)

Love ya,

Grammar Bitch

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I knew that.

I think. But thanks for keeping me in line. Nothing like a good editor to set things straight.

You knew this

first time I've ever seen you do'd have known. Please also's my fist grammar police visit. I would rather break grammar rules than police them. I'm particularly sensitive about this particular rule. Professional journalists have bought into this wingnut ploy and it's annoying.

The gloves are off. This post is dead on, though. This is window dressing. The polls pretty much have been telling the story on this issue for a while now. They know where the American people stand and they have to appear to address the issue.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


Freudian schlip. Perfect for a grammar post!


Hehehe...notice I don't correct spelling for a reason

I usually don't correct grammar. It takes too long to write and get a post up if I'm that careful.

Freudian slip...very well could have been. You should have read the post before I edited it. I was afraid you wouldn't be able to tell I had my tongue planted firmly in my cheek.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.