U.S. Chamber Applauds Rep. Larry Kissell and the Economic Stimulus Bill

Last week the Union County Chamber of Commerce hosted Rep. Larry Kissell for their Freshman Forum series. This week the U.S. Chamber's Executive Vice President of Government Affairs, Bruce Josten, sings his praises.

Since the elections, we’ve worked with the President and Congressman Kissell to quickly pass a bill that would apply a defibrillator to the economy and shock it back to life.

While not everyone in Washington or North Carolina agrees on every item in this package, the whole is more important than the individual parts. Our economy is in uncharted and dangerous waters and inaction from Washington is not an option.

I know there are times when we love to hate the Chamber. I wish we could separate their financial support for Republicans out of the mix. They've worked hard so hard to elect Republicans, it is tough not to hold them accountable for some of the mess we're in.

Maybe this song of praise will be attended by a big fat check to help keep Mr. Kissell in congress.



It has been a good to see them support

the ARRA and Larry. With their past record I was afraid they too would follow as blindly as the pubbies do.

The Chamber wasn't always a crazy right-wing organization

It's only since Thomas Donohue took over the national Chamber that they have become a GOP mouthpiece. It's sad (and this is coming from a labor activist) because business really needs a strong advocate in government, as does everyone for that matter. But these guys aren't helping themselves or American businesses by towing the GOP economic line that put us in the godawful economic situation we are in today. Since Donohue took over, the Business Roundtable and other moderate groups have scaled back their involvement with the Chamber for fear of being looped in with the partisan gridlock that the GOP specializes in.

It's great to see a strong ally of working people and unions like Rep. Kissel able to work with the Chamber to pass legislation that, you know, helps people. There may be hope for us all...

FYI: It looks like we'll finally get a Labor Secretary soon...