Updated: Must (not) watch TV

Updated: A friend of mine called the station and spoke with someone in their sales. (Executive but the name escapes me for the moment) The person she spoke with said it was a local affiliate that simply sold air time, and that the LGBT community is welcome to purchase air time if they would like to present a counter point.

My problem with that is this. Would they have sold the time slot to a racist group that wanted to air a program about the dangers of people of color? I've emailed them asking about that and am currently waiting a response.


Well, in case you missed it, there was a wonderful...>cough The full video is actually available online at http://www.silencingchristians.com/

This program was brought to us by AFA. And just in time for a vote today on the School Violence Prevention Act. I was outraged because it is riddled with the fear mongering misdirections and untruths that lead to bullying in the schools, demonizing of gay and lesbian people and families, and can contribute to the violence against LGBT people.

It opens with talk of violence against Christians, I suppose they like to leave out the violence against LGBT people, you know like Matthew Shephard, Lawrence King, or perhaps the 3 year old who was beat to death by his father so he "would not grow up to be a sissy."

But the best part is really towards the end of the program where is purports that homosexual activists have an ally in Barrack Obama (and refers the viewer to change.gov ) and then goes on to list the basic rights we are fighting for, and uses traditional right wingist propaganda to argue against them. According to the program that if we pass Hate Crimes legislation then pastors and preachers will be arrested for "preaching the gospel." (I personally don't believe Hate is part of the gospel hence the scare quotes) If we ENDA then church will be forced to hire gays and lesbians (I guess churches are now a branch of the federal and state government?)

What a strange coincidence this aired just before the vote on the school violence prevention act.

WJZY (or the CW) was one of the few basic network stations I watched (except their sensationalist new program) but I've written them to inform them that, after airing propaganda that belittles my family and is harmful to the thousands of LGBT people in their viewing area, I will no longer watch their station. I hope anyone out there who is LGBT or knows someone that is an LGBT person will watch the program they aired and then write to the station and network with their opinion.