Update on Rich Cove/Ghost Town Landslide

From this morning's Mountaineer newspaper in Waynesville. The Town of Maggie Valley has awarded a $1.3+ million contract for cleanup and slope stabilization of the landslide in the Rich Cove area near Ghost Town in Maggie Valley. Residents at the head of Rich Cove Road have been out of their homes since the slide in February.

The newspaper's online edition will probably post the story sometime later today.


Source of funds...

I don't know the details of the source of funds, although I believe I read somewhere that the money for this project is coming through a loan or loan guarantee program from the federal government. No doubt the Town of Maggie Valley will seek to recoup from the owners of Ghost Town in the Sky, although that could be problematic given the bankruptcy status of the amusement park.

This is the perfect storm of a private developer's irresponsible development affecting the downhill neighbors, literally.


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