Update: Rep. Tricia Cotham hosts well-attended fundraiser

State House Rep. Tricia Ann Cotham just pulled off a great fundraiser at the home of Crandall Bowles. From the guest list to the Cabernet Sauvignon, it was certainly one of the best executed fundraisers I've seen in a long time. Guests included the Hon. June Atkinson, NC Speaker of the House Joe Hackney, Lt. Governor Candidate Walter Dalton, Larry Kissell, John Autry, Mecklenburg Commissioners Parks Helms and Chair Jennifer Roberts, Jerry Meek, and yours truly.

Now, I'll be the first to admit that I'm a little biased here. We only have two Representatives in the state house under 30, and it's important for my generation that we have politicians looking out for our issues. If we don't work to solve our problems now, they'll be crises by the time my generation is in power. For example, as Charlotte City Councilman Anthony Foxx told a group of YDs Wednesday night, his financial planner is telling him to prepare for a retirement in which he doesn't receive social security benefits. It's clear that we need representatives to work on our problems now.

In spite my biases, I try to be honest about what's going down, and I've critiqued quite a few people I like on this site. That said, you could tell by the turnout (big) and the sponsor list (bigger) that the Representative knew how to do call time - very well - and that she's worked hard in Raleigh. Even better was that the corporate crowd wasn't a big part of this educator's guest list.

I admit that while a good fundraiser is a indication of a politician's organizational, governmental, and networking abilities, it doesn't necessarily mean that the politician is worthy of our support. But Democrats could learn a thing or two from this event.

UPDATE: The Observer has extra coverage.


Rep. Melanie Wade Goodwin & other legislators also attended ...

Melanie was impressed by the event as well.

She told me that Representatives Beverly Earle, Deborah Ross, Ray Warren, and Cullie Tarleton joined her in support of their colleague I also understand that the wife of House Democratic Majority Leader Hugh Holliman attended in his absence as he recuperates from recent cancer surgery.

Great Time!

Tricia does know how to do it right. And she is the kind of fresh change we need to bring to the General Assembly. I look forward to working with her, Melanie, and the rest of the Democratic House Caucus when we sweep the NC House with a progressive majority in 2008.

Ed Ridpath

Ed Ridpath

She's a high school assistant principal, right?

How does she manage to balance a time-consuming job like that with being a legislator? (I'm honestly curious about this. How do any of the non-retired/non-independently wealthy legislators manage to make time to serve and do their jobs well?) My hat's off to them. It seems like an impossible task.

Being a teacher I have wondered about this as well

My guess is that her school system recognizes the value of having an employee serve as a state rep and allows her an unpaid leave of absence. With our GA's schedule, she would only miss about one semester out of four or 25% of the time anyways.
As our vice-principals are gone about 25% of the time for conferences, seminars, workshops, vacations, sick days and the like, it probably works out just fine.

Person County Democrats

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

She went on leave when she was appointed

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