Update: McHenry OPSEC violation possibly resulted in three deaths, McHenry attempting to hide info

A quick update: Many of you have been keeping up with the OPSEC Violation Video Patrick McHenry used as a sort of publicity stunt, where he gave away the position of damage on the internet, which the Pentagon found dangerous, as I explained last night.

The latest update? Around a day after the video was posted, Missiles hit the Green Zone again- this time with more accuracy, heading straight for that gym. Three were killed, one of which was a full bird Colonel. Patrick McHenry's little "mistake" has now cost three American soldier lives. He didn't call them "two bit" or belittle them- he was a catalyst for their deaths.

There are no words to describe how angry I am, or how angry the people of the 10th should be right now.

On top of this, it's clear the McHenry Spin Machine is already running full power to attempt to hide this fact, though it's clear competitors Daniel Johnson and Steve Ivester are already fully in the know. As you can see, it seems that there's a little staffer war on Wikipedia- one IP attempting to add information regarding the deaths, the others (all accounts that deal almost exclusively with the Patrick McHenry entry) attempting to remove it without reason. McHenry has done this before (As I've ranted about before), so this is no surprise.

Similarly, McHenry's blogs and friends-who-blog are having a tough time trying to figure out what to say (other than nothing). McHenryRocks!, the hilariously poorly named attempt by McHenry's office to astroturf, has reverted to just attempting to scream how "perfect" McHenry's voting record is, ignoring the whole "he was responsible for the deaths of 3 American soldiers" thing.

Hot Air, the blog that, like McHenry, supports anything wearing an American Flag lapel pin and calling him/her/itself "Republican", similarly has completely ignored this whole fiasco and has chose to still ride the dying horse of "THOSE DIMMERCRAT BLOGS ARE LYING!!!!" despite the fact that both Think Progress and the Sigmon for Congress campaign have both publicly corrected themselves via e-mail/posts/whateverthehell.

I'll post more as more information comes out- there's nothing more enjoyable than watching a horrible politician gasp for air in a sea of his own corruption.