UNC funds life support for Silent Sam

Imagine you're part of the white nationalist movement that wants to perpetuate the glory of the Great War Between the States. You have lots of pals on the UNC Board of Governors, plus access to a rinky-dink non-profit called the Sons of Confederate Veterans. You cook up a scheme to (1) resurrect the controversial statue of Silent Sam and (2) transfer $2.5 million from UNC's biggest slush fund to the non-profit to keep the dream alive.

That's exactly what happened.

Running a masterclass in kabuki theater, the UNC BOG last week did what only Republican good-old-boys can do. Back-room horse trading. A prearranged deal. A sham law suit. A surprise multi-million dollar settlement. A duck-and-hide public disclosure strategy. All smothered in Thanksgiving gravy.

I don't know if the BOG scam is legal or not, I'm sure we'll find out. But whether it is or isn't, it's wrong.

For more, check out this op-ed piece

By funneling money to neo-Confederate organizations, the university undermines decades of scholarship and the research conducted by its own experts The Sons of Confederate Veterans is losing members and resources as its credibility continues to diminish; the university’s $2.5 million will fatten an existing endowment of less than $80,000. As the group’s leader stated in a celebratory email, this “major strategic victory” will help provide “legal and financial support for our continued and very strong actions in the future.”


If you're one of those people who does end-of-year giving, I hope you'll decline to contribute to UNC. The BOG gave $2.5 million last week to a racist organization. UNC is unworthy of your support.



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