UNC BOG Chairman lied about having college degree

At least he didn't claim to be a brain surgeon:

Ramsey, a Beaufort businessman whose company sells custom yachts and sport fishing boats, earned a diploma through a one-year Marine Diesel Mechanics program from Carteret Community College in 1981. But until last month, Ramsey’s UNC System biography page said he graduated from the college with a degree in Marine Propulsion, which suggests he had a two-year Associate’s degree.

The UNC biography was changed as board members who have butted heads with Ramsey threatened to make it an issue in the upcoming election. The change was made by UNC System staff according Associate Vice President for Media Relations Josh Ellis. Ramsey was not involved in the change, Ellis said.

I don't consider it a "mitigating factor" that staff made the correction instead of Ramsey. It shouldn't have needed the correction in the first place. If you look at my Facebook bio it says I "attended" Campbell University. I didn't graduate, and I would never even contemplate claiming I did, much less in a high-profile biography like Ramsey's. And as usual, Marty Kotis totally misses the point:

“For as much of a story as people have tried to make [of Ramsey’s education], it’s just not,” said board member Marty Kotis. “We were all aware of Randy’s education background. He has never hidden that at all. He has explained he cares a lot about the university system and cared a lot about NC State as well. He has a business background and he was not afforded the same opportunities, necessarily, that other people have been. And I think that perspective on a board is not a negative, it’s a positive out there.”

The people who are making the most noise about the issue are no longer part of the system and “basically have sour grapes,” Kotis said. These include Phil Lewis and Robert Moore, two East Carolina University trustees who were recently forced to resign their positions. The two left the board in February after an ethics scandal in which they were accused of trying to influence a student government election. Moore and Lewis also contacted Policy Watch regarding the issue.

“I think there are a lot of people at ECU who are central figures in this disparagement effort,” Kotis said.

Not one word about the falsified curriculum vitae, but a lot of words about the people he thinks are responsible for exposing the lie. Republicans have mastered the arts of deflection and projection, but of course "taking responsibility" is a trait that still eludes them.



Obviously, I need to be on the UNC School of Medicine board

I was admitted to a hospital once. I see a doctor regularly. I took a course on Biology in high school. I have a medical encyclopedia. And I'm a successful professional in a completely unrelated field.

I also really care about medical education. And the UNC School of Medicine.

Anyone want to help me raise enough money to buy a Republican legislator to make it happen?

Me and my son

were laughing about this a little while ago. And then it morphed from college to the military: "Yeah I was in the Navy! But not this new Navy, I was in the Old Navy. It's where I got this shirt."