UNC alum Sidney Powell has lost her mind

If she hasn't been disbarred yet, that needs to happen post haste:

At the Nov. 19 news conference, before a national television audience, she asserted that “communist money,” the late Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez and a manipulated computer algorithm were all connected in a secret plot that had altered potentially millions of ballots and stolen the election from Trump.

In an interview two days later with the conservative outlet Newsmax, she said she had been given evidence — which she said she could not disclose — that Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, a Republican and an ally of the president, had taken bribes and conspired to orchestrate Trump’s defeat.

Yeah, I mean, no. I don't trust Brian Kemp as far as I can throw his limousine, he pretty much stole his own election from Stacey Abrams. But if anything, he would have helped Trump cheat in Georgia. But it's a bunch of BS anyway, apparently part of Powell's very own grift campaign:

As Powell pressed claims that the election was stolen from Trump, the president on Wednesday pardoned her most famous client, former national security adviser Michael Flynn. Powell also launched a fundraising effort that she said would support her work to expose fraud in the election, writing online that “millions of dollars must be raised to defend the Republic.”

Almost immediately after the Trump team distanced itself from her, some of Powell’s supporters began suggesting on social media that the move might have been a ploy to give her the leeway to be more aggressive in court. That idea spread quickly, particularly among followers of the QAnon movement, whose absurd beliefs include that Trump and his allies are preparing to vanquish a cabal of “deep state” child abusers and Satan-worshipping Democrats.

On Tuesday evening, Trump himself signaled renewed interest in Powell’s claims. He retweeted an interview in which Powell told Fox’s Lou Dobbs that software made by the company Dominion Voting Systems and used in 28 states had been designed to allow Chávez to manipulate election results in Venezuela, a discredited claim. The president also retweeted a message in which conservative Georgia attorney Lin Wood said Powell would file suit Wednesday laying out new evidence of voter fraud in Georgia. “Enemies of America will deny its allegations. Do NOT believe them. Believe Sidney & me. We love America & freedom. Our enemies do not,” Wood wrote.

Hoo, boy. The world's biggest carnival just added another booth.