Ugly times two


Egg on face

Unfortunately, the NCGQP doesn't consider these clowns embarrassing at all. They're proud to have extremist zealots setting the agenda for their party. Back in the day, we called guys like Cawthorn and Robinson "shit screens."

There is an Egg Missing

There should be a big egg or a pile of poo splattered. What's missing is the GOP's favorable comments and support for Putin. Even now with the atrocities documented
in Mariupol and Bucha there are few GOP members voicing outrage and horror. The part of me that sometimes wears the tin foil hat believes there is a great deal of Russian money going into the GOP. But, ... the hat does make my brain swell.

GQP traitors

You're right. I will forever be amazed by the disgustingly brazen treason of Republican lawmakers. They'll do anything to gain power, even if it means aligning with Putin and destroying our democracy. We really are in 1984.