Tyranny in Office- 5 reasons against McHenry

Let me be pointedly clear- Patrick Timothy McHenry, you represent the worst side of politics that can ever manifest itself in our Democratic form of government. You are a pox on the rear end of our government, and much like I might have a cyst excised from my body, you must be excised from our government. In this blog, I point out 10 reasons in which I have personal reasons to not like you.

5. You don't know who I am, nor do you care.

You know, one thing I loved about politics back in the day was that I felt somewhat like I was a part of what was going on. My father, when he was alive, loved to ramble on (incessantly) about how great it was to go to a political rally and meet the Congressman. Hell, he got to shake Mr. Ballenger's hand back in the day, and he talked about it till his death bed. It was like an award of it's own, because Ballenger was a man worthy of having his hand shaken. He still is.

But look at you. Under the guise of fund raising, you charge admission to a dinner in which you eat to "meet people", and even have the testicles to charge us extra for a "private session" with you, like you're some sort of masseuse without the happy ending. You didn't show up at any parade I've been to because you're "too busy", yet Congress wasn't in session. You've locked yourself up in DC, and I doubt many people even realize who you are other than from pictures.

4. You embarrass your own political party.

Look, I'm a solid blue man, I'm a Democrat through and through. However, I have GOP friends. We're all good people- I don't mention big oil, they don't mention fellatio in the oval office. We're all respectable people, and we all believe in making a strong, respectable nation.

But when you embarrass the GOP, that's damn stupid, McHenry. It means that even the people on your side hate you. It's like if George Washington was a jerk to the people under him- it's damn stupid, and most importantly, wrong.

Democrat or Republican, you need to have personal strength. You do not have it, and your party is constantly covering your rear. God forbid McHenry was a Democrat.

3. You don't have the courage to come forward with your sexuality.

Face it, McH. There is nothing wrong with being gay. You may yell it from the rooftops, but it's obviously the speech of an extremely closeted man trying to seem hypermasculine. If you look at what you've done (rather, WHO you've done, or who it SEEMS like you've done), you're gay. You're damn near Showtime TV gay. Admit it.

Look, we on the Democrat side have it figured out. There's nothing wrong with it. Our representatives don't have to hide it or molest people or anything else. Do the same. If you like men, then it's better for us to know from your own mouth than for us to figure it out from the fact that you're a thirtysomething single man in a suit.

Plus, think of it this way, you could pave a new road in Congress. We need better homosexual representation, why don't you be the first one?

2. You're a political time bomb willing to do virtually anything.

You've managed to anger College Republicans, cause numerous scandals, send coal to other Congressmen, and do virtually anything to make yourself, the "Baby of the House", into more of a "Jackass of the House".

You know, I don't care what bill you're after or what you're going for, be a gentlemen and I will respect you even if I don't agree. That's the important thing about our government- when it's all said and done, we all shake hands and be kind, even if two seconds ago we were going to rip each other apart. It's hard to do that (trust me, I have trouble doing it when I lose at golf), but it's what we do. That's how my dad raised me, and that's how his dad raised him, etc etc etc...

Stop being childish. You're even destroying your own supporters in your childish attempt to keep yourself afloat. Polls are indicating that your competitors from both ends (both on your side and our Democrat running here in the 10th) are chipping away at your base, and that's scaring you. But be a gentlemen and shake hands and act like you're not 15 years old. I spank my kids when they behave like you.

1. You make a mockery of our government.

Look at all of the above points I've made. Do you think you represent America well?


In fact, you make us look horribly stupid. In the long run, what do you think other countries see when they see you: smart democracy, or stupid piddly arguing? You are a pure example of American problems, one that reflects our district poorly as a whole. We need to be able to be respected in the international community for being good people, not because they are all afraid someone like you might get into a higher position. With people like you making high level decisions, you make America that much more of a problem internationally.

Resign, McHenry. Sometimes, when a man knows he has done wrong, it's better to step back and admit it rather than to continue on and embarrass himself further.

In the words of Abraham Lincoln,
"It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt."



McHorny also believes he is entitled to special treatment, having spend a few years in "service" to his party's elders. He already knows everything on this list is true and it doesn't faze him in the slightest.

That said, I appreciate you laying it out so clearly for all to see. After all, it's not so important that McHorny understands this reality, but that the voters in his district do.

I much agree that McHorny

I much agree that McHorny knows his weaknesses yet the voters don't. I think we can tie most of the confusion back to the TV, which provides voters a somewhat skewed perspective on the subject. I'm all personally for a "grass roots" campaign to bring back some fair fights in the district, but I'm still mulling on how to get that done, personally.

Captivating reading!

much better then the stuff I write, I am just long winded!

But you said 10 reasons, but you only gave 5? give up the other 5!

I'm still chuckling over here.

Welcome to BlueNC!

Whoops, my fault- I

Whoops, my fault- I eventually cut my reasons down to 5 as opposed to 10 to make things more concise. But I have a new blog post in a bit that'll more aptly mention some of my positions on the subject.

Tell us what you really feel . . .

Welcome, Thoreau. I look forward to reading more from about my former Congressman. (Only former because I've moved away. Hopefully former this coming November because his support has eroded away . . . )

More and more I'm asking everyone who looks at this sorry individual . . . what is he hiding? Why can't he appear in public? Why didn't he answer all of the questions at his internet forum last summer? Why can't he list the questions he didn't answer? We paid for the forum. We paid $2000 for the TV he bought specifically for it. Aren't our questions public record?

Why didn't he declare both his homes on his financial statements after demanding that Democrats do so? Why didn't he declare his property in Lincoln County?

What else are you hiding Pat? Your constituents deserve to know.
News of the 10th district: See Pat Go Bye Bye,

I've absolutely adored your

I've absolutely adored your blog, and I'm honored you commented on my post!

I do think McHenry has a lot to hide, and I hope to assist in taking him out of office permanently. There's nothing worse than a career politician that acts the way he does.

Keep plugging away.

There's a lot that's not being said about our Pat. I just don't have the time and some of the wonderful people in the district are either not into the internet or they're busy building towards November.

The more I've written about him, the more I hear from people all over the country that either know something about this guy or are thrilled that we are fighting back.

And the more we write, the more his bizarre cohorts have to spend time plotting to get back at me or undermine my work. The more they fuss over you and I, the more they are not cheating or lying or stealing from someone.
News of the 10th district: See Pat Go Bye Bye,

DQ have you ever

just said hello on a blog to patty? Wonder what his lap dogs would do over that? They would go crazy for a few days trying to figure out the slant your working on!

And the more we write, the more his bizarre cohorts have to spend time plotting to get back at me or undermine my work. The more they fuss over you and I, the more they are not cheating or lying or stealing from someone.

DAMIT, DQ wrote about us again! Exorcist girl spinning her head and spewing green vomit all over the place!

Patty must really be bad over there. I am laughing real hard at your post....keep patty jumping!

You've just given me my idea for a new year's resolution!

Stay tuned. You ain't seen nothin' yet. I have no idea, parmea why you say the Patty must be really bad. He's a lovely man . . . to his friends. Most of his constituents and the rest of the country just don't happen to fall into that category . . .
News of the 10th district: See Pat Go Bye Bye,


Sorry patty, but your about to get what you deserve!

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Beanball to the head. It is a knockout blow! bye bye patty!