Ty Does The Right Thing! Good For Him!

Ty Harrell steps down from House seat

The Raleigh Democrat cites family issues and questions about his campaign finances.

BY MARK JOHNSON - Staff Writer
Published: Mon, Sep. 21,2009

RALEIGH -- State Rep. Ty Harrell submitted his resignation Sunday, 11 days after the speaker of the House ordered an investigation into Harrell's campaign expenditures.

Harrell, a Raleigh Democrat in his second term, said he needs to focus attention on answering questions about his campaign finances and on his young sons, as he and his wife are in the midst of divorce proceedings.

"The people of District 41, and all citizens of North Carolina, deserve representatives who can make clearly-focused decisions on their behalf," Harrell wrote in a two-page letter to House Speaker Joe Hackney. "With the recent turbulence in my personal life and continued speculation about my campaign expenditures, I do not feel that I can provide the high standard of representation that my constituents expect and deserve."



GOP "I am Not Gay" Fetzer Goes Wild Over Harrell

Chairman's Monday Memo‏
From: North Carolina Republican Party (email@ncgop.org)
Sent: Mon 9/21/09 5:00 PM

Democrats Show No Leaership

We all remember Bill Clinton's infamous line "it depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is". Today in North Carolina, citizens need to ask the Democrat leadership if they understand what the meaning of the word 'illegal' is. The headlines from the past few days are the latest evidence that North Carolina Democrats continue to show a blatant disrespect for the rule of law.

This past Friday, the NC Board of Community Colleges changed its policy to allow illegal immigrants to enroll in its degree programs. This board is made up of Democrat appointees, most recommended by Governor Bev Perdue. Their desire to extend privileges to those here illegally is an insult to immigrants who valued being an American enough to follow the rules and take the oath of citizenship properly. Although Governor Perdue gives lip service to the issue by saying she does not support the policy, there is little doubt that she made no serious effort to exert any political pressure on the board members she appointed to follow the rule of law and the will of the people. Earlier last week it was reported that Perdue lobbied the N.C. Building Code Council on an obscure circuit breaker issue. Is that more important than allowing illegal aliens in our community colleges? This is yet another example of Governor Perdue's lack of leadership and peculiar priorities.

The weekend papers gave us headlines of yet another chapter in the "Democrats Gone Wild" series, as Democrat State Representative Ty Harrell has apparently broken campaign finance laws by using his political campaign contributions as his own personal slush fund. Harrell documented spending almost $300 at an exclusive children's clothing store and writing it off as a campaign expense under the category of a "committee meeting." In his latest report, which would normally show little activity with no election this year, Harrell showed expenses at restaurants a staggering 148 times in the first six months of this year.

Harrell resigned on Sunday, saying that he wanted to have time to sort through personal issues and spend more time with his children. Less than two weeks after Democrat House Speaker Joe Hackney recommended the State Board of Elections investigate Harrell, Hackney released a statement praising the free-spending former Representative, saying he commended Harrell for "putting his children first." But one question remains: was Hackney referring to Harrell's resignation or his shopping spree at the clothing store?

The people of North Carolina are given examples on a daily basis that verify Lord Acton's famous admonition that "power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely." Democrat control of the legislature and the Governor's mansion has led to abuses of power that seem to be committed without conscience and surely without respect to the rule of law. The Republican Party will continue to stand at the forefront and take strong stands for honesty and integrity in government. I hope you will join with me as we wrestle the control of this runaway train away from the liberal leadership and return it where it rightfully belongs: in the hands of the people of North Carolina.

Tom Fetzer
NCGOP Chairman

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Republican Party will stand at the forefront

like stone statues and do nothing. That reminds me of my favorite marquee sign that said "You can't to anything wrong if you don't do anything"

So, what Not-Gay is trying to tell North Carolinians is

Democrat control of the legislature and the Governor's mansion has led to abuses of power that seem to be committed without conscience and surely without respect to the rule of law. The Republican Party will continue to stand at the forefront and take strong stands for honesty and integrity in government. I hope you will join with me as we wrestle the control of this runaway train away from the liberal leadership and return it where it rightfully belongs: in the hands of the people of North Carolina.

that if they vote for Republicans, they can expect a whole new regime of corruptness, only from a corporate loving, government hating group.

I'm not sure that is such a great selling point....

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

Ty did the wrong thing (allegedly)

Be real. If Ty was a Republican we'd be going crazy too.

Let's face it, North Carolina Democrats have some house cleaning to do. Maybe we need to stop worrying about labels - progressive, young, old, female, African American, LGBT, male, white, conservative, moderate...just to name a few - and we need to start looking more closely at the content of the candidate's character. We seem to have all these issues we want supported and as long as we can check that off our lists we don't look any further.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Where does that leave us, actually?

If we "can check that off our lists", where do we find a candidate to run for public office? I am for discounting the LGBT label and discounting "white" and "African American" and discounting "conservative" and, of course, young and old. Only then can we legitimately begin to have a chance to choose someone that just wants to be a good civil servant and someone that wants to do right by the electorate. Where are those individuals? No one meets them all. No one can be everything to everyone. All candidates have "baggage", so to speak. When do we listen to what they have to say rather than labeling them in some fashion?

When will the gay community just be recognized as just a community? When will we recognize that there truly is a "choice" for people with regard to abortion in this country? When will we finally see that regardless of skin color, we're all human beings hell bent on making sure that America is the best it can be for EVERY individual that resides here?

I'm confused. I think many of us are.

Love ya Mad Town

You're a gas.

I've had that problem, too,

which is why I'm laying low during the primaries this year.

Someone said to me recently, "I heard you're supporting Elaine Marshall." To which I said, "Where'd you hear that?" To which she said, "I read it on your blog." To which I said, "Huh?"

I think Ms. Marshall is a fine candidate, and have said so. She could take Burr and win, I believe. So could Mr. Cunningham and Mr. Lewis. They're all excellent public servants ... and I want to know a lot more about them than I do right now. That's one reason I'm excited about tomorrow night.

I think you've been equally enthusiastic about

all the candidates so far. Someone probably saw only your comments about about Elaine and didn't realize you also had kind words for Cal, Kenneth and Kevin.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I think I hear what you are saying

"Electorial politics" and "electability factors". I don't want to see those as code words for making sure democrats only put forth candidates that will be "electable" based on what the electorate of any specific town or county or district or state will see as being "correct". If we are serious about our inclusion of all people in our process, we cannot afford to look like we're disingenuous about our beliefs and our platform and our inclusion efforts.

The opposition will use that against us. We have to look beyond only doing what will be good from a political "win/loss" perspective. Are we all guilty of looking at candidates like you say? Of course. But, if we're true to our convictions, we must change that.

Uncle Festzer's hypocrisy knows no bounds

Rep. Philip Frye (R-Mitchell) still sits in the NC House after being charged with a DWI BEFORE the election last November.

An admitted GOP DWI-er still sits on the House Transportation Committee, but nary a peep from Uncle Festzer or House GOP Leader Skip Stam or any media outlet.

But we got yer wall-to-wall coverage of Ty Harrell's resignation anywhere you want to look.

Harrell hasn't even been charged with an offense of criminal or civil law yet, but the GOPer Rep. Frye sure was.

What's the difference?

Why the different treatment?


There is a difference usernamehere

In the political arena, there is a difference between a person that got a DWI and someone that has resigned while under investigation for misusing campaign funds and other things. Neither of these personal indiscretions are better than the other and I am not sanctioning the lack of coverage with regard to Frye. I am saying that in today's political climate, the resignation by Herrell says a lot. I don't claim to know if he misused campaign funds but I do know that if I was a contributor, I'd be wondering if my contributions were misused and would question what else Herrell did with regard to those funds that I worked hard to get and then give to a candidate that I wanted to represent my interests. A DWI comes with its own penalties. That is something personal and even though it depicts a personal failing, it doesn't take away from people that gave from their heart to support someone they believed was pure and solid. I do not condone anyone that gets a DWI. I just believe there is a difference between that and someone that misuses political donation/money.

The only difference is GOP hypocrisy and media complicity

To get back to the point of the post and my response, Uncle Festzer e-blasts thusly:

Democrat control of the legislature and the Governor's mansion has led to abuses of power that seem to be committed without conscience and surely without respect to the rule of law. The Republican Party will continue to stand at the forefront and take strong stands for honesty and integrity in government.

In the case of former Rep. Ty Harrell (D-Wake), there has been no legal charge to date.

In the case of current Rep. Philip Frye (R-Mitchell) there has been a violation of law and admission of guilt in a court -- while in office.

Former Rep. Harrell may be guilty of who knows what, but he is being treated differently than current Rep. Frye who is guilty of legal violations.

The GOP leadership and the media have tolerated and continue to tolerate current Rep. Frye (R-Mitchell).

That's hypocrisy, and that's the difference.



Let me see, Rep. Frye broke a law involving the operation of a motor vehicle, something that millions of North Carolineans could do every day. This violation of the law has nothing to do with his position as a legislator other than to provide chararcter reference. Former Rep. Harrell alledgedly spent money from his campaign account on items and activities that are expressly prohibitied by law, a law that applies to a couple hundred people in North Carolina and is directly associated with his elected position. Former Rep. Harrell probably knowingly violated North Carolina campaign finance law and might have expected to get away with it except for the part where his wife went public over his alledged affairs. At that point, it had to be investigated. Oh, by the way, don't forget that former Rep. Harrell and Chris Mintz called each other "good friends" after Chris changed parties (R to D).

"A point in every direction is the same as no point at all" - Pointless Man

So Harrell > Frye but < Allred?

Former Rep. Harrell probably knowingly violated

"probably knowingly violated"

So that's more of a damning indictment than
a citation from an officer of the law?

If Harrell's offense is greater that Frye's how does it square with the GOP leadership's and the media's treament of former Rep. Cary Allred (R-Alamance)?

Don't bother. It doesn't.


You're right...

Former Rep. Allred was stopped for speeding (105 MPH)on his way to the Legislature (his official elected position), tried to influence the officer, (flashing his official legislative ID), admitted to drinking one chelada (beer, tomato juice and lime)(that should be enough alone to get you fired), then shows up on the floor of the General Assembly and conducts himself with a young female page in a manner that prompted other Republican representatives to ask him to leave the floor. He was later urged to resign by many Republicans including Rep. Stam.

As for Rep. Frye, I hope that his run in with the law has convinced him to either drink at home or use a DD. The people of his district can decide if his behavior makes him unfit for the high office of State Representative.

"A point in every direction is the same as no point at all" - Pointless Man


admitted to drinking one chelada (beer, tomato juice and lime)(that should be enough alone to get you fired)

Is this a commentary on his poor taste in beverages or the proper application of DUI laws?

"The natural wage of labor is its product." -- Benjamin R. Tucker
A liberal is someone who thinks the system is broken and needs to be fixed, whereas a radical understands it’s working the way it’s supposed to.


I don't know why, but whenever I think about former Rep. Allred's later traffic stop for weaving down the road in his classic convertible T-Bird, the scene from the movie Roadhouse comes to mind. You know, the one where Brad Wesley (Ben Gazzara)is driving his convertible Mustang down the road, singing "Life is such a Dream" and weaving back and forth between the white fences of his vast holdings. And then, he almost runs Dalton (Patrick Swayze R.I.P.)off the road.....

"A point in every direction is the same as no point at all" - Pointless Man

Was that not a great movie?

Such a great scene. Such a great movie. Patrick Swayze such a great actor.

Thanks for the memory.

Allred is exactly where he should be. He was always a loose cannon in the NC legislature and was never a good representative of Alamance County.

You Can't Touch Me!!!!!!!!!

What's the difference?

Why the different treatment?* Usernamehere

None! No doubt Art Pope media machine is in action with the N&O and Harrell has become the Poster Boy for the Republicans as the dude to go. The Democrat leadership simply toss him under the Bus and moving on to other things that is important to their corporate agenda. Ty may have screw up big time with his robbing Peter to pay Paul campaign, Still alledge! But he is facing bigger problems, possible criminal charges by the Board of election though the local DA of Wake County which will be expensive to him to defend should the DA want to make a example of him and finally Tax issues Federal and State if these personal expenses were not reported as income on his tax returns......It's Sad! but when the Establishment wants to dump you, they are ruthless whether you are a Democrat or Republican........It is not a Paradise out there in Politics , no matter how untouchable you think you are.......As that great former Rapper M.C Hammer said " You can't touch me!"

More Piling On Ty by N&O today

Home is where Harrell wasn't


Published: Tue, Sep. 22, 2009 State Rep. Ty Harrell's Web site lists as one of his accomplishments an honor he received from MADD -- Mothers Against Drunk Drivers -- for a bill he introduced stiffening the penalty for anyone providing booze to kids.

No mention is made of another organization, MATH -- Mother Against Ty Harrell -- and its charter member, Melanie Dupon.

Dupon is one mad mother. She is also Harrell's estranged wife. She accused Bow Ty, with whom she has two sons, of doing the Jones Street Stanky Leg -- an actual dance, folks -- with someone other than her. They are now divorcing, a personal tragedy that exacerbates, some might say played a part in, the precipitous political misfortunes that culminated Sunday with Harrell's resignation.

Before it came out that Harrell's wife had kicked him out of the house and onto a friend's sofa outside his district, the dapper Democrat seemed to be a rising political star. That is, he was young, moderate and displayed a willingness to work across party lines.

When I spoke with fellow Democratic State Rep. Dan Blue on Monday, he commended Harrell "for having served his district conscientiously." Blue added, "I understand people have challenges on the domestic front." For Democrats, Blue said, Harrell's resignation "will present a tougher challenge in the general election because that's a swing district, and we've given up the advantage of incumbency


Finance Fraud Trumps DWI

I think most of us on this site have donated to a few campaigns. I would be very upset if I found out that someone that I donated money too use that money for personal use instead of its intended purpose.

The more important issue now is who replaces Fmr. Rep Ty Harrell? If the wrong candidate is chosen the seat maybe lost in 2010. I feel that it should be someone from the Wake County Young Democrats. Fmr. Rep. Harrell is young and he should be replaced with someone young.

Anthony D. Hall,

Fighting for Truth, Justice, Freedom and the American Way!

Well at least we now know where the lines are

...and who is ignorant of history.


Unproven allegations of campaign finance misdeeds are worthy of resignation.

Citations for DWI are not worthy of resignation.

Citations for speeding may not be worthy of resignation unless your GOP colleagues don't like you, and accuse you of groping a page who later says you didn't grope her.

Good to know that unproven allegations trump facts.

By the by, there were no restrictions on campaign fund usage in NC until Joe Hackney took over as Speaker and his team remade the campaign finance laws only a couple of years ago.

If you gave money to a candidate, they could use it for anything from floor wax to flowers for their ex-wife, and it was perfectly legal. That only changed in the last couple of years - thanks to Speaker Hackney.

In summary, if it's not obvious, my goal is not to defend former Rep. Harrell or former Rep. Allred.

My purpose was to shine a light on the hypocrisy of those who would hold Harrell up as an example of bad action, but turn a blind eye (and mouth and keyboard and camera) to the likes of Rep. Frye.


Who the heck has defended Rep. Frye??

Looks like Rep. Frye did exactly what he should have, plead guilty, paid his fine. Ran for re-election, anyone could have run against him. No one kept anyone from filing (as far as we know). What Rep. Frye did was wrong. Was it a hanging offense? I don't think so, given the isolated instance. I'd give that same benefit of doubt to any elected official. I don't recall anyone openly (in the press)defending Rep. Frye. It's starting to sound like you have a personal axe to grind with Rep. Frye.

"A point in every direction is the same as no point at all" - Pointless Man