Two-Faced Tillis strikes again, waffling on Trump "emergency" vote


Give him a back door, and he will bolt right through it:

Four Republican senators have publicly said they will support a House-passed resolution of disapproval when it comes up for final passage in the Senate on Thursday. That would be just enough to ensure passage of a measure overturning the national emergency that the president declared to secure border wall funding over Congress’s objection.

But that near certainty appeared to shift on Tuesday as Vice President Mike Pence pressed Senate Republicans at a closed-door meeting before their weekly policy lunch.

If I'm reading this correctly, the Senate would be revising the law on future emergency declarations, but not the Wall issue. Which would almost be worth it, just to keep Trump under control going down the road. But what if Trump Vetoes that bill? Can we count on enough Republican Senators to have the intestinal fortitude and personal integrity to override? That was a rhetorical question, because that fantasy creature doesn't exist. As for Tillis, he's just blowin' in the wind, as usual:

And one of the Republicans who said he favored the resolution of disapproval, Senator Thom Tillis of North Carolina, appeared to be wavering, according to multiple people at the policy lunch. Without him — and barring any other defections — the resolution would fail to reach the president’s desk.

Passing the resolution to overturn the border emergency would represent a rare assertion of legislative prerogative by Senate Republicans, who have been loath to buck Mr. Trump over the last two years. The measure would almost certainly be vetoed, the first of Mr. Trump’s presidency, but it could also bolster several lawsuits contesting the president’s emergency declaration as a flagrant violation of the Constitution, which grants Congress the power to decide how to spend federal tax dollars.

The resolution of disapproval has squeezed Mr. Tillis between conservatives in his home state angered by his stand and the swing voters he needs for his re-election in 2020.

Bolding mine, because we need to make (damn) sure he doesn't pull those 15%-17% of Democrats like he did last time. He's neither moderate nor trustworthy, but he is just about as slick (slimy) as Richard Burr, and we can't afford to assume NC voters are paying attention enough to know the real Thom.