Two-Faced Tillis and the desperate love affair with Trump


His post-op recovery after having his spine removed is not going well:

Take Trump’s suggestion to investigate Joe Biden in a phone call with the Ukrainian president. Some GOP senators call it inappropriate but not impeachable; other at-risk incumbents have struggled with the query. It’s the central question of Trump’s impeachment inquiry.

Tillis sides firmly with Trump: “Would I have done it? I don’t know because I’m not the president, and I haven’t been pursued relentlessly for three years.”

He can't even say that he wouldn't pull the same stunt as Trump. That stunt being misusing his power to bribe a foreign leader into helping him dig up dirt on a political opponent. Withholding military funding that was approved and directed by Congress, no less, merely for personal gain. And Tillis can't (or won't) say that he wouldn't do that himself. File that away for next year's General Election, just in case Tillis does survive the GOP Primary:

Most immediate, however, is surviving perhaps the toughest primary battle facing any Republican senator this cycle.

“He probably has more of a challenge in a primary than he does in a general,” said Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.), a close ally of the president who has not endorsed Tillis. Meadows added that Tillis’ support for the special counsel bill and his shifting stance on the national emergency declaration “created an opening in a race that would generally not have seen a credible primary challenger.”

Rep. Mark Walker (R-N.C.) flirted with running against Tillis, but backed down. And while Meadows said he is not interested, he noted that with the state’s congressional districts in flux, “you could get a sitting member of Congress thinking it’s easier to run for Senate” than run for reelection in a blue district.

Neither Walker nor Meadows would survive a state-wide contest, and I think they both know it. But they also both love to be mentioned in articles like this, so you can expect a few more nauseating blurbs in the days to come.

As for Tillis:

Okay, the U.S. Senate has had absolutely nothing to do with the Impeachment process so far, and won't until they are tasked with actually trying the President. Not going to grab any quotes from a NewsMax piece, and the fact Tillis (or a staffer) is using that is just one more reason the dude's not competent to serve, but here's the main problem with crap like this: The American people expect the Senate to do its job properly, to go into the Impeachment proceedings with an open mind with an eye towards protecting our country and Constitution. To dismiss these serious charges as nothing more than politics should be an Impeachable offense for Republican Senators who engage in it.