Two-faced Sue Myrick

When I see Sue Myrick talk, it's hard to know which of her two faces to listen to. On one hand, she tries to come across like a law-n-order kind of gal, as shown in this quote to the Charlotte Observer recently. As you no doubt know, Sue wants to deport aliens who are found guilty of DWI.

"For too long, illegal aliens have really just flaunted the law."

But on the other hand, here she is embracing Dear Leader, very possibly the most criminal president in the history of our republic, who most objective observers believe has gleefully flaunted the FISA law with his domestic spying scheme.

I guess the difference is simple. If you're a brown skinned law-breaking drunk, you get deported. If you're a white old rich man law-breaking drunk, you get to be president.

It's a good thing hypocrisy isn't illegal in white people. Otherwise one of Sue's two faces would be deported too.


Doesn't she mean "flouted"?

Just curious. I'm being picky, I know, but I always get a real kick out of imagining the subject prancing around and showing off whatever it is that's being "flaunted."

She doesn't know what she means.

She's just another puppethead spewing Republican talking points without regard to their impact . . . or their grammar.


PS The third definition of "flaunted" and the first definition of "flouted" are similar . . . to treat contemptuously. Flouted would be the preferred choice, by flaunted is acceptable. And that's about as close as I'll ever come to concurring with Sad Sue about anything.

It's probably like Octopodes

Octopus comes from a Greek word, not a Latin word, so the reasonably proper plural should be "octopodes," but what kind of tool would interrupt someone to say "excuse me, but don't you mean 'octopodes'?"

Today, I'm the tool. Dammit.