Howdy, chums. Here's what I'm thinking: I'm thinking that not a week has gone by since the dawn of the internets that something dumb -- something really, really stupid -- hasn't been put onto the web in the name of some kind of far-out right-wing agenda. In fact, I'm thinking that not a week goes by in North Carolina without some fringer testing the bounds of logic and good taste. I'm thinking that there's so much dreck out there in our good North State alone that I'm thinking about taking it on myself to separate out the weak from the crap. That's where the Twincie comes in.

It's pronounced like the tastycake. Otherwise, "TWINCIE" would spell "tweensie", and that would be stupid. And it stands for "This Week In North Carolina Internet Extremism", or maybe "This Week In North Carolina Idiotic Excess." Or roll your own.

I had been thinking about giving this week's award to one Ogre (that's his name) for one of his patented frothing libertarian rants. This time it's the minimum wage, which (guess what?) he hates.

But that's not enough to get a Twincie. I mean, we don't give these things out to just anybody! There has to be something nutty, something so out there that only a poor, benighted soul, blinded by anti-social idealism, could come up with. Ogre, wanna take it from here?

Why not make a minimum wage of $100,000 a year? Simple, there is no logical reason. Any argument against a minimum of $100K could be used against $6.15.

Huh. So I guess that if Ogre had $100K (and judging from the look of his site, he doesn't), he'd swap it for my $6.25. I mean, if they're logically equivalent and all...

Oh, and those few people who are making minimum wage just got taught a valuable lesson: they can get more money for doing absolutely NOTHING if they just rely on government.

Yep, those fat and lazy wage slaves are kicking back on their big pile of money having a good laugh at you and me. If only we understood how to turn $6.25 into 100 large like good old Ogre! I'm pretty sure that this dreck is worthy of a Twincie.

Or I was, until I read this tiny little post from the North Carolina Republican Roundtable:

Great quote:

"Why does a slight tax increase cost you $200 and a substantial tax cut save you thirty cents?"
- Peg Bracken

All together now:

Because tax cuts come from Republicans, and you're not in the top 1% of American earners. No Tax Cut For You! Moron.

So here's to you, NC Republican Crapflingers; here's your Twincie and congrats!

PS: If you know of an online news or commentary source that might deserve a Twincie of its own, leave me a comment. I don't want to leave anybody out! Right now I'm reading Ogre, the NC Republican Whatevers, NC Rumors, and The Chairman. Except the Chairman isn't playing anymore, because he thought that the NCGOP would want to give him a real job, but he knew it wouldn't happen with some of the crap he'd written available on the web -- sorry, did I get sidetracked?


I'll bite

But let's make the "C" a "K" and call it the

This Week In North Kackacky Idiotic Extremism" so we can spell it TWINKIE.

And my vote goes to Patty McDumbshit who is whining all over the Internets about how the mean old Democrats are being unfair to the oh-so-saintly Republicans in Congress.

You're makin' me hungry.

Love the TWINKIE

You're a brave one to go wading through the worst of the worst. If you're looking for another goldmine of NC wingnuttery, this one from the mountains, try Thunder Pig.

Scrutiny Hooligans -

Shouldn't that be

North Kackalacky?

No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.


Wins the lifetime TWINKIE with bigot sauce for this comment:

So, according to the gays, he should be shut up. That's right, if you have an opinion that disagrees with the gay lobby, you are "divisive and offensive" and you should apologize, then shut up.

Sorry, faggots, in this country, at least so far, we've got freedom of speech

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Twinkie for Babs

So far I will nominate Barbara Barrett(sp?) Sorry, forgot to look. George Pence brought attention to her "Gotcha" Journalism and then several labeled her piece "utter bull----"

Love the Twinkie idea....wingnut for a hat...hahaha

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Damn, only a runner up on

Damn, only a runner up on this one. I hope I win next time! :)

Maybe you will -

I voted for you for #1 if it makes ya feel better.