Tuesday Twitter roundup

And there are considerably more early voting sites this year than the last mid-term election. But you should go early (early), because there will likely be long lines. Gerry has a link to all the locations right here:

Yes, that is this Thursday, when early voting begins.

Good luck with that. I'm confident most of those 500,000 women are sick (to death) of the GOP kow-towing to a misogynistic prick like Donald Trump, and are ready to bust up some folks for trying to turn them into brood mares.

It's long past time to fund Leandro. Unfortunately Judge Lee didn't live long enough to see it happen. Evil Steve has a few other things to say, but I'm covering his mouth right now...

And you can have all of them. Gak...

Also, Larry Burk is a holistic musculoskeletal radiologist and dream tapping coach trained in acupuncture, hypnosis, EFT and dreamwork. Not that there's anything wrong with that per se...

What Dan said Ben is the real deal, and would make a fantastic Congressman.

This is kind of a huge deal. PAs and DNPs are more than capable of doing this, and they don't need an MD looking over their shoulders.

Poverty has declined overall, but regionally, areas like sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East have seen increases. But the (single) biggest driver of what Dingus above is claiming came from the Free Market was actually produced by Communist China, where some 800 Million have slowly risen above extreme poverty in the last 40 years. STFU Ray, you're out of your element...

On that Lebowski note, here's your Onion:

You ain't goin' nowhere, pal.