Tuesday Twitter roundup

They will either ignore it, twist it all out of proportion, or just flat-out lie. It's how they roll.

You employ neither logic nor experience. You say there's never really been a Free Market, and then spew out postulations of what that would look like and how it would operate. That's not logic, it's writing a screenplay. I remember a few years ago a Libertarian running for high office in NC came on BlueNC, and tried to "sway" me by bringing up a successful biofuel company. When I brought up the fact this company (which I really like, by the way) got a $10 million grant from the Golden Leaf Foundation (government taking money from one company and giving it to another should be anathema to a genuine Libertarian), instead of admitting he was wrong, he tried to poo-poo the amount, ten million being small potatoes (or something along those lines). As for experience? If any of you guys ran a business (successful or not) in the past, I'm pretty sure we would have seen it mentioned here and there. Cranking out pseudo-Libertarian propaganda for Amerigarchs might be considered experience, just not the kind that engenders trust in your opinions. And neither does this:

Where were you when Trump was jacking up tariffs on everything our producers and consumers needed? Not a friggin' peep. Inflation by country: UK 9.4, Spain 10.8, Brazil 11.9, Russia 15.9. In other words, global. JLF has always been somewhat questionable, but now it's turned into a joke. A bad one at that.

Now that is freedom. Spread the good news.

A little piece of advice (free of charge): Don't hire shady, out-of-state professional petition contractors next time, and you won't have to deal with the consequences.

Swinging guns all around, and praising Jesus. It might work...

Lol! Bob Orr is a left-wing activist? You are a f**king idiot, you know that?

He learned that from Burr. What a pair...

On that infuriating note, here's your Onion:

Slow down, pal. Make it last.



JLF irrelevance

It's been strangely gratifying to watch the Show slip into growing irrelevance over the past few years. With Hood gone and Pope being an absentee landlord, the remaining crew has become a clown car. Except, as you suggest, there's nothing funny about them.

You can't recruit extremists for a decade without eventually arriving at idiocy.