Tuesday Twitter roundup

Bought and paid for, and not even slightly ashamed of it.

Before I visit a city for vacation or culture crawl (museums, book stores, art galleries, etc.), I take 20-30 minutes reviewing their public transit routes & frequency. If you flunk that test, you won't be seeing me.

Um, what? Say that again, I got lost somewhere in that chain of events. Also, I'ma have to write you a ticket for hashtag abuse...

Guess what, if you're still idolizing that sleazebag Trump, then yeah. I do kinda hate you. Because that choice you've made speaks volumes about your character. Don't want to know ya, talk to ya, see ya, none of it. If that hurts your feelings then take a long ass look in the mirror. Speaking of...

What was that? Six vehicles? About five too many.

Thomas is not wrong, but the failure is ours, not the President's.

Pay attention to Gerry, he knows what he's talking about. On that reminder, here's your Onion:

Yes, I laughed, and I am deeply ashamed of myself for doing so.



Buses and the Carolina Journal

If you want to understand why buses are empty, just watch this video, comparing urban and transit planning in North America and Europe.

I'm sure the Carolina Journal would never go for this model, since, in essence, it prioritizes people rather than cars.


Thomas Mills actually IS wrong

I see so many pundits trying to carve out a place to stand, trying to say something relevant, that they are becoming part of the problem they're complaining about. The Democratic echo chamber is a circular firing squad and I'm sick of it. Instead of pointing out what they think of as shortcoming, Democratic pundits should be carrying water in tanker trucks on behalf of the president and every other Democrat.