Tuesday Twitter roundup

She is not wrong. It's also important to remember the Continental Congress continually struggled with funding for the War, and many delegates went into debt to provision troops. It was a different time, and should be viewed in that context. Speaking of:

I have to say, political cartoonists have been hitting it out of the park lately. Thanks, Vicki.

I have read the bill, spent part of my long (not long enough) weekend poring over the latest version. I give it one thumb's up with the other twitching. It's considerably better than I thought it would be, no (lethal) poison pills.

Yes, we do.

The only person more contemptible than Ron Paul is his son...

It has actually caused many of those unnecessary deaths. But thanks for playing along...

On that face-palm-worthy note, here's your Onion:

I don't care, if it's under $1,000 per month, take it.