Tuesday Twitter roundup

Aw, crap. Rest in peace, George.

We need to do these things before our teacher attrition rate blows through the roof.

This is a side of this issue that needs much more coverage. It ain't rocket surgery. Reducing the debt burden for millions *will* boost the economy, a lot.

It's not a deep-state plot, Amy. One of your idiots pushed the wrong buttons, I'm sure.

And it's why state-level boards of election are so important. Somebody's got to watch these jerks.

Yeah, I get up for work at 5:15 a.m. I'm not sitting up refreshing the page until oh-dark-thirty (and before you try to correct me, that's how we used to say it, not "zero dark thirty")

Tell that to your GOP colleagues, they're the ones that need to hear it.

If I was in the 13th, I might have changed to Unaffiliated (briefly) so I could vote for this (Army) guy. But I'm in the 4th now. Let me repeat, I AM IN THE 4TH DISTRICT NOW, AND WILL HAVE A DEMOCRATIC REPRESENTATIVE IN CONGRESS! Sorry, I get a little excited...

On that glorious note, here's your Onion:

I hate when that happens...