Tuesday Twitter roundup

But they especially hate you, and your Blood Emeralds (not sure if those actually exist, but work with me here).

I'm kinda tempted to watch that, but since he won't be sitting down, the chances of him sliding off into the floor are rather small. But you never know...

Dude, Teen Vogue rocks. Some of the best and smartest political commentary out there. Congratulations.

Nice try, but Americans For the Prosperous is heavily funded by Big Oil, and they are the ones who have been raking in Billions in profits at the expense of the people you're trying to impress. All you're doing is giving people back a tiny fraction of what you've stolen from them. Shame on you.

Okay, this is just a Primary, so endorsing a Republican isn't the end of the world. But I will be watching SEANC very closely during the General Election. You have been warned.

Thank you. And thanks for being such a good (and kind) leader during these crazy times. What a relief...

After watching him testify, this does not surprise me at all. He knows what he's doing, and I can't say that for the hacks Republicans threw out there.

On that indignant (if you had heard me say it as I wrote it, the indignation would have been obvious), here's your Onion:

You and me both, sister. That's a little dark for the Onion, isn't it?



Bonus Onion:

Yeah, I don't see retirement happening anytime soon. I'll probably need to ask off for my own funeral.