Tuesday Twitter roundup

Yes, this is good news:

The city of Thomasville is one of the biggest recipients. An $825,000 grant will assist the city in providing a sewer extension for a new facility operated by Nucor, a steel manufacturing company.

Thomasville was once one of NC's largest furniture manufacturing hubs. While it still handles a lot of distribution, most of that furniture is made elsewhere. This new steel plant can make a difference, for a lot of families. That's what these grants are for, and not putting more icing on the RTP cake.

Yeah, it's almost like the previous judge, and the judge before him, and the Republican Chief Justice of the NC Supreme Court, actually knew what they were talking about. Hmmm.

George Soros! Heavens, where are my smelling salts?

Gee, I don't know, Andy. Are you or any other puppets going to be retweeting any of Donald Trump's propaganda if Musk lets him back in the living room?

Does not surprise me. If there are any worse Republicans than the ones voters elect, it's the ones Republicans themselves elect to run their county/district/state/national parties.

If the coach is leading the prayers, then there *is* a certain amount of coercion involved. If you can't grasp that, you know nothing about sports (or religious freedom).

Frankly Peck, it would be a relief to do so, since I wouldn't be exposed to your nonsense anymore. But I hate being told what to do...

Uhhh. I already get too many e-mails. But this one might be worth a little bother.

On that half-ass, side-ways endorsement, here's your Onion:

Really, folks. It's gorgeous out there, don't miss it.



Coach leading prayer

I always enjoyed teaching this lesson to my 8th graders. After some initial confusion they for the most part got it. Then some years when we started the dreaded EOGs there would a call for a prayer. I'd revisit the Bill of Rights lessons from earlier in the year. Then it would dawn on them that they could do it themselves. Remember, as long as there are tests, there will be prayer in schools.

I'm a moderate Democrat.