Tuesday Twitter roundup

They're too busy trying to blame Biden for every little thing going wrong in this world.

I'd rather have my eardrums destroyed by boric acid. Or hydrofluoric acid. Some kind of acid.

See my above comment about various acids eating away my auditory components.

Declining to debate is arguably the smartest thing he's done since he matriculated from elementary school.

I beg to differ. A barbecue without hot-dogs (and hamburgers) is sadder than that violin refrain in the movie Platoon. If your pulled pork is good enough, it can stand a little competition from ground and processed meats. But if you're determined to make small children (and some adults) cry, then do your thing.

Quite possibly the most important thing you will see all week. Pay attention.

On that critical note, here's your Onion:

Free Britney! Sorry, I get carried away sometimes...