Tuesday Twitter roundup

What Lisa said.

I could watch that video all day long and not get bored...

Dude, y'all "took the fight" to DC a year ago following a spaced-out Q shaman with finicky dietary needs, and the jail cells are slowly filling up. Tone that rhetoric down, fer f**k's sake.

Okay, you have to watch this. His wife quit her teaching job because she refused to wear a mask, and now they are struggling to pay for health insurance. Of course the irony is lost on these people, but damn.

From what I can gather, Wiley is not prone to outrage...

In many cases, Parents = Tyrants. Prove me wrong.

I don't care if they are visible from the shore, frankly. I might even go to the beach (for the first time in over a decade).

Okay, aside from the fact he very likely fed intelligence to Russian diplomats, he's also bat-shit crazy. His new thing is that Coronavirus was created by Democrats to help them win the 2020 Election. Like we used to say, "That boy ain't right in the head."

On that patently unstable note, here's your Onion:

You forgot the government's involvement. Or did you leave it out on purpose, hmmm?