Tuesday Twitter roundup

HRC was spot on with her "Deplorables" comment, even if it hurt their wittle feewings...

I'm sure he's loving every minute of it. Just like Maddy carrying knives everywhere, this is the kind of coverage they eat up.

But that will probably piss him off. Tough luck, dude, you are a cartoon.

And that debt was due to the housing crash and subsequent recession, both caused by Republicans. Tell the whole story John, or don't tell it at all.

Apparently Walker is still angling for some Trump love, but he might as well drop out of the race right now to save embarrassment (and money).

The key phrase there is "publicly funded." You people are always harping about misuse of public funds and a lack of accountability, until it comes to private schools. It's called hypocrisy, look it up.

I wasn't aware there was a statute of limitations on hate speech. It's not like he said it back in middle school, Pete.

Jesus. Is that supposed to make me feel better about a mercenary conqueror? Because it does the exact opposite.

On that painful note, here's your Onion: