Tuesday Twitter roundup

Most of these young people only remember living in America. We shouldn't even be having this debate.

What Ben said, times twelve.

As our former AG, I trust Roy to know (not just think) what is the best process for stuff like this. Also, this is purely political, attacking Josh Stein way ahead of the next Gubernatorial election. They need to work on the (very late) Budget and quit screwing around.

The first three things that came to my mind were bad things, so I won't comment...

See the Tweet right above you. The idiots are apparently dying off in droves, which is why the anti-mask, anti-vaccine rallies are getting thin attendance. Crap. I said those bad things anyway...

The GOP will just blame it on Democrats, like they always do.

Not just no, but Hell no. You don't speak for veterans, and I will do my best to block you from getting on any ballot with that misleading bullshit.

Yep, and I am more than a little relieved I decided to sit this one out. But I will be voting, and so should you.

Might have to Zoom that thing. Unless somebody knows of a good (yet super secret) parking spot I can snarf on campus.

On that sneaky note, here's your Onion:

Good times! :)